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message 1: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/13/wor...

Families pull out all the stops so children can pass the annual gao kao, or high test, the sole determinant for admission to Chinese colleges and universities.

We take SO MUCH for granted here.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

We take SO MUCH for granted here.

You said a mouthful there.

message 3: by Nuri (new)

Nuri (nools) | 538 comments My parents will often tell me I've never known what it really means to study.


message 4: by Lori (new)

Lori Hahaha, Nools, as I reading the first article I was thinking, where's Nools?


message 5: by Nuri (new)

Nuri (nools) | 538 comments Hi, Lori!

She is studying for MCATs!

This was a good way to get a little perspective, for sure. : )

message 6: by Lori (new)

Lori GAH! Hahaha, I had no idea you were currently in the midst of test cramming, yet again! Yeah, misery loves company and it's even better when some people are even more miserable. heehee.

For some reason I thought you graduated this year, but I guess you just finished your junior year. When's the test so we can all send you waves of luck?

message 7: by Nuri (new)

Nuri (nools) | 538 comments Oh, not for some months, at least! I was tentatively thinking late August, but it may need to wait until September.... which is not quite as long as I'd like, come to think of it....

Thank you, nonetheless! I hope the sacrifice of a summer break will be enough to appease this sucker into letting me pass.

message 8: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments I was never good with all-nighters. I started preppin' weeks ahead of time, if I knew what was good for me. Good luck, Nools!

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