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some questions

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~♥~ MeganBitch ~♥~  | 20 comments okay punk people do you wear patches on your clothes?
emos do you wear things that make you happy or sad?

i do all three so dont judge me!!!!!! lol

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message 3: by Susana (new)

Susana wow.. Lol

~♥~ MeganBitch ~♥~  | 20 comments answer them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i do that

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Susana ummm i really dont care

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why are yu guys in this group if you dont care?? and kaitlyn i know that yu are so not emo or punk if you like the jonas brothers!

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wtf. then yur so not emo. if yu were emo yud know it. if yur gonna see how other emo ppl act then that poser-ish.

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but yur not emo. yud know if yu were

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when yur heart gets broken by someone yu love...or when the world totally shuns you

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im not emo and i've said it before

~♥~ MeganBitch ~♥~  | 20 comments ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
so much drama for just some questions lets all calm down now if you kick peoples asses for a living then your punk if you like to fight but only fight for a stupid reason you emo okay get it got it good XD oh i hella laughed at the fight though she did make some points on why you shouldnt be here lol!! not trying to fight

oh and if you like pain your emo
the thing i live by is

pain is my game so yea!!!!

~♥~ MeganBitch ~♥~  | 20 comments lol do you not like me now? im sorry:(

message 16: by Susana (new)

Susana i say i dont care coz i dont know what to do know that my mother threw away all my BLACK clothes away

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Susana wrote: "i say i dont care coz i dont know what to do know that my mother threw away all my BLACK clothes away"

OMG!!thats so horrible!!! I love black

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Susana wrote: "i say i dont care coz i dont know what to do know that my mother threw away all my BLACK clothes away"

welll its not like thats going to change yur personality...my mom thru away all of my black clothes...and im still emo

~♥~ MeganBitch ~♥~  | 20 comments AHHHHH MY LIFE WITHOUT BALCK IS LIKE HELL WITHOUT FIRE!!!!!!!!!
ahhhh omg i love cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! mostly candy

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Susana i know.. and it hasnt.. (my personality).. yup.. i love candy

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Susana i know im just saying

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lol wow interesting conversation everyone. but u dont really need to wear black to be gothic, i dont wear black much but im more gothic than anything else.

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Susana Cool

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im punk. thats one thing

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wuts the other thing?

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wat thing?

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*yawn* my bangs are too long. They're total side bangs, don't get in my eyes anymore (T.T)

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mine is pretty long now

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hi hi

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wat up

~♥~ MeganBitch ~♥~  | 20 comments AHHHHHHHHH so many people XD whats up

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wuts with the confusion?

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Susana wrote: "i say i dont care coz i dont know what to do know that my mother threw away all my BLACK clothes away"

susana although ur mom threw all ur black clothes ur still my lil emo sis n i love u :p
btw stop using pink skinny jeans its weird.

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Susana wow.. i love u too.. but i think i am coz i only put the pink skinny jeans when i had a black top but now i dont so yea.. soo what up people ??

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Susana .. what ya been up to ??

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nothin really

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w0w u ppl r so bored y???
btw susana tell socuro he owes me $5 buck n i want them now

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hey, im just here cuz i dont got a job lol

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Hannah Davis (Ineedsagf) | 5 comments well i don't think i'm emo but if i snap a rubber band on my rist am i?

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ehh?? how stereotyped!

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Susana He mont listen to me.. nd i dont know if ima tlk to him coz u saw what he did on thursday

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personal problems on the internet? now iv seen everything

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this group like died

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yeah, well there's not much we can do here anyway

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yeah....the old one was a lot better....like you cud do so much there

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