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I was just thinking because it was mentioned that a lot of people feel they mooch more than they send and we all want to unload that massive pile to go that we ought to add each other to friends list on good reads and list what we've got to go on our profiles here. The reason I say this is the wonderful update emails we get everyday from Good reads. Then other book moochers would know when you've listed something they're interested in reading but that might not be on their wish list. They also would have the opportunity to quickly check it out here to read what reviews are written etc. I personally try to list my inventories from all my swap sites. Though not completely accurate (I'm missing a few, but always delete from here when it's mooched) it gives you a pretty good idea of what I've got. I'm always listing new stuff on the different swap sites and I'm willing to move items from one inventory to another if someone contacts me and tells me where the book is currently listed and where they need for it to be listed to get it. As long as the book isn't currently involved in a trade on the site it's on I'll move it in a heart beat to get it out of here. But being friends on here and adding things on good reads so people know they're here should help to move out the inventories we all have to get rid of. Anyway it was just an idea. If you're interested feel free to add me as a friend.

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I sent you a friend request. Do you think that it might be helpful to set up a shelf with newly listed books that you are willing to trade so that friends can keep track of one shelf and then you can move the book to what ever swapping site when requested? I am also willing to help out the people here in getting their books on whatever swapping site might be best for them that I am also a member of. I am a little behind on updating my bookshelves here and will have to get to work on that.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) That's a great idea Jenn! It'll probably take me a little while to get done but I think I only have somewhere around 300 books to be listed. Way less than I have to be read anyway. LOL
That's a really good idea. I bet more and more people will get into it too. Did you guys see the results from that survey? Did you guys take it? I did and I just read the results and there are some good comments that were left. Maybe they'll start listening and changing some of the more suckier ways. I sure hope so- I can't imagine not being on there.

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I didn't even see that the results for the survey where in until you mentioned it. I went to BM and read the results. I agree with basically everything that the results found. I do hope that they will start listening and changing some things. I am glad that I am not the only one behind on posting to my shelfs. BTW, I sent you a friend request.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) I got it Arica- I accepted it. I suppose I should change that message on my page- does that come off too strong? It's not meant for people like you that I've actually "talked" to but those strangers that like to add you and then send a comment a day pushing their book I have no desire to read. Or the ones you have 4 books listed and 5,397 friends. That's just not my idea of a friends list. LOL
I added everyone when I first started and one day I looked at my comment section and every day one was spam. Every single one almost.
"Hi, check out my book ________! Have a great day!" Or
"Thanks for the add! You might like this book ______!"
I can see someone saying something ONCE but once a DAY?! And who, by looking at my lists would possibly think I may want to read a western? Or a self-help book? They just send it to every single person they can.
Ugh.....Anyway! I agreed with everything too for the most part and it was pretty in depth. I started wondering if they offered to the survey or if John found then. I was glad to see a decent amount of comment echoing my thoughts because I started thinking I was nuts. I wondered how everyone could be so darn happy with a site lacking so much. I hate talking bad about BM because it is a great site but there are so many problems that can easily be fixed. Those admins should be chosen better (I've asked numerous times how they are chosen and have yet to have an answer for that which leads me to think they're John's friends and that's it), they shouldn't have all that power by themselves or should have to at least prove why if they shut someone down, they should be more professional, the search by genre and that kind of thing is just awful there, so many of the book listings have way incorrect data. How easy would it be to have a few volunteers (much like here) that work to fix the listings? I've been by charities which have been closed for weeks, months and YEARS in some cases and some of them have THOUSANDS of points! Close the accounts! Personal ones to. It sucks to search a book, see it listed, and know you have to actually go to the persons page to see if they are active. If someone isn't active for a certain amount of time shut it down. It's like they're lacking in the common sense department or something. LOL
I really want them to be more professional like PBS is what it is. The forum is broke and has been since I started. What is that about? This is more of a personal preference and not everyone would want this but why can't GR be hooked to BM like LT is? What about us? GR is just as big, if not bigger, than LT. The recommendations they give there? What a joke. I searched Holocaust before and I got everything from Harlequin to self-help to Ann Frank's diary. I was in shock with what they came up with!

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Mel (lefty4) | 4 comments Count me in! Please give me your screen name and your given name so I can add you on to my friends list.

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Arica wrote: "Jenn,
I sent you a friend request. Do you think that it might be helpful to set up a shelf with newly listed books that you are willing to trade so that friends can keep track of one shelf and th..."

Ummm I'n not really sure what you're asking. I try to put all my book on here ordered, own and listed. Listed I have on shelves with inventory in the name and it also tells me which site it's listed on. For example what's on bookmooch is on my book mooch inventory shelf. What I've ordered recently is on a book ordered shelf. I guess everyone has their own way of organizing, but that's how I do mine.

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♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "That's a great idea Jenn! It'll probably take me a little while to get done but I think I only have somewhere around 300 books to be listed. Way less than I have to be read anyway. LOL
That's a r..."

What survey?
Oh and you want to talk book counts have you seen mine? That's not all of them. Once I get what's here to be listed done, I'm adding to good reads as I add them to sites - I have to go back through and make the inventories match.(I take things off when I should but they aren't all added on) That is not a task I look forward to lol.

Oh and my screen name here and everywhere is jdonnelly14, it says this in my profile, but not everyone bothers to read those lol. Anything on my inventories lists can be moved from site to site if you're interested. There's a ton there already that I haven't added and I add more every day. Someday I'll make it through the stack. Of course I'll still be adding after that because I'll get rid of stuff as I read it to, well some of them. Paperback almost always go after reading them unless it's signed. And then I have one that's signed on a swap site it was just a rummage sale buy so it wasn't actually signed for anyone I know so since I didn't read that author and it had no sentimental value I didn't want to keep it. Hardcovers it depends on the book if I think I'll read it again I keep it, if not it goes, some good books just aren't meant to be read multiple times by the same person. Reference, Research, Miscellaneous and writing depends on how helpful I find the book after reading it and Kennedy, Trysten, Cole and Ed it depends on when they feel like getting rid of the book. Ed is a book hoarder he doesn't read much so he keeps his book forever because someday he might get through them. I am too but on a much larger scale lol. Any shelf of mine that has inventory in the title is to go.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Okay, my username, just for g.p. is babyjulie- almost everywhere I go I use that. My email address is My kids name is Julia. She's not a baby anymore though. Original huh? :)

Jenn- they have a survey every one in a while (every six months or so?) on BM. Not sure when it started but this was the second one I've taken (it ended already- they only leave it up for like two days I think). Apparently is a college class or something working with statistics? I could be off there but that was what I gleaned. I think you can still see the results- skimming is the best option- reading through is rather tedious. LOL

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Suzanne | 35 comments BM just posted a questionaire asking: How did PBS get so big? Something to that effect. Now is the time to tell him ya'll's thought just as you're doing here. LET'S TELL HIM!!

message 11: by Eva Marie (new)

Eva Marie (evamarie3578) No way! I'm going to look right now.

message 12: by Eva Marie (new)

Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Okay- I just left my comment. I hope I was clear enough and said everything. I didn't want it to be too long.
I can't believe I'm the first person to mention the abuse and only the second to mention the messed up search feature. wth?

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Suzanne wrote: "BM just posted a questionaire asking: How did PBS get so big? Something to that effect. Now is the time to tell him ya'll's thought just as you're doing here. LET'S TELL HIM!!"

Thanks for the heads up Suzanne! I may have missed that because I'm wandering around PBS far more than BM these days!

message 14: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 35 comments I think he just posted this. It wasn't there last night.
I've considered using PBS but I really need to read what I got. Although getting rid of some CD's on there is tempting.

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Thanks for posting about the BM question. I didn't even see it until you mentioned it. I did go post my thoughts. Did anyone notice that they changed a few of the features on BM? When you look at who has a book it will tell you the persons name and where they will mail to. Also John said he has been doing some work on the forums but that the changes aren't ready to go into affect yet. So YEA! It seems that John did pay attention to the survey and has been doing some work to make BM better.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) I did notice that Arica and I REALLY like being able to get to my 'given' books without going through 50 pages of 'mooched' books. That could have been fixed long ago IMO. But that's so nice. I like that we can do that little 're-give' thing to- a lot of the time if a friend/family doesn't want my books I relist them right away. As long as the book was listed right in the first place, that saves a little time.
I have almost 50 new email notifs that comments were put on there but I'm leaving so by the time I get home I'm sure there will be 100! LOL

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Suzanne | 35 comments John's been working on more things. I just noticed this:

Books returned by a search used to be ordered alphabetically, but as of today they are ordered by a book’s availability and popularity.

This change is in response to comments that people aren’t happy with the search results page, namely that they often have trouble finding the books they want. I don’t think that an alphabetical list of books is all that helpful.
And then it shows us what the new pages will look like.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Yeah, have you seen all the comment? I just went through 120 of them just now. I responded to some and did see Arica's too.
There are a couple things being changed now- hopefully they'll stick with it!

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Cameron (220340) | 30 comments Mabey, we should do a contest! under events! see who can read the most books by June 1 2016

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