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Monica I read the description of this book, and growing up in a house with a 'lifer' Marine, it's hard for me to understand the life he was 'taught' as a Marine. I know we all come out differently through the same experiences, but by father was completely opposite of all the things Steven has described himself to be.
And even ultimately my dad died serving as a Marine, on his death bed; he’d do it all over again. He told me he won’t change anything about being a Marine – I’m still on the fence if I want to read this book or not. With a man I’ve grown to love, respect, admire and miss due to the Marines, it would be hard for me to picture them anything less.

message 2: by Steven (last edited Feb 13, 2008 01:59AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steven Hi Monica,
all marines weren't like me. I unfortunately walked into a very violent culture just after the Falklands War. I was bullied back then and a short while later I made the decision that I would never back down from violence again. And I didn't. However, at that time there were many like me. This book is my story. Its about me, what I did, what I said and what I turned into. We weren't all the same. This book and my second book are my complete story. However, I am sure you will understand the second book better from your point of view.

I do at times recommend to some people to read the second book first as they tend to form an opinion based on my first book. My first book starts in 1983 and ends in 1990. I wrote that book when I was 28 years old. My second book starts where the first book ends and it concludes in 2004. This is more or less where I am today.

In the first book I wrote about a side of life that no one had ever really wrote about before. Its sad, violent, disgusting and humerous, but that's the way it happened. There's a lot of bad language in that book too, but that's the dialogue I used in those days.

Would you believe I wrote that book because a marine colleague of mine said to me after I was acquitted at court martial. "You could write a book you."

So that's exactly what I did. Although, I honestly never expected to get it published.

These years on, young men tend to take what they want from the book and apparently above everything else they see the comradeship between us. I'm an administrator on a Marine recruit website these days and I tend to advise the young men about avoiding making the mistakes I made during my service and I did make many.

But, that said, had I not received the violent reception at my first commando unit, I may have approached things very differently, but then again, it happened just like I wrote.

These years on, I know I was lucky being able to close the story out as my children too would not be able to relate to the person I became during my service and therefore they will find it difficult to relate to the person in the book with the father they know and love.

I've posted this link against both of my books as it does apply to both:

I agree wholeheartedly with your father. I too, if I could turn the clock back would join up all over again. Back then we were fearless, we had friends that were second to none, who experienced good times together, fun, laughter, lifethreatening challenges and hardships.

Those people were what I missed most after I left and they could never be replaced either.

Best Regards


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