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Grammie A very good read which I enjoyed. It's so believable, even though it is fiction based on a real happening that everyone remembers. I highly recommend this book.

LAWonder10 I thought this was very well-written and a great story-line.
I agree it is very believable.

Sarah loved this book

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Such a tear-jerker. Loved it!

Dawn Turner Loved this one! It helped me heal and be able to pray for first responders again. (Long story.)

Leeanne This was the first Karen Kingsbury book I read, I absolutely loved it and I'm dying to read Beyond Tuesday Morning, I thought that the book was very well written. Cried through half of it though.

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LAWonder10 Karen Kingsbury is a tremendous author. I have read most of her books.They are certainly worth the time and effort.

Tina Leonard Love Karen Kingsbury! Really loved reading this book. I'm never disappointed!

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J. Butler Excellent read, but I must say, as great as it is, I thought Beyond Tuesday Morning was three times better. For those of who haven't read it yet, you are in for such a treat!

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I related with this so much. It seemed so real, so understanding of feelings described. The reactions of the characters were just like everyday people we meet each day.

J. was right. Beyond Tuesday Morning is such a treat to read.

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Nat This one made me cry! ( good cry) Very well written! As a Responder volunteer in our little burg, I felt a true sense of connection to some of the events....and a guilty relief that I had never ( and pray never) had to deal with this kind of horror!

Carrie Terrell This was the first Karen Kingsbury book that I ever read...hooked from then on. She is an author that I highly recommend, especially to the Christian genre.

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