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Hate twilight

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i hate twilight

Savannah Kelsey wrote: "i hate twilight"why!

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this is my review of it

I read this book this summer thinking wow a book about Vamps this is going to be good. It did not turn out the way i wanted it to. When i finished the first twilight didn't think it was very good. i thought maybe it was just a slow start like many other books. Guess what i was wrong. This book was a complete disaster.
We use to have to imagine the worst book... well now it has come out. this book should NEVER have left the publishers table... wait no it should have never left SM's mind. A dream is a dream you can tell your friends and laugh about it you do not wright a book about it.
Bella for instance wined ALL the time. She had a guy that she liked and wined about everything. she got pregnant right after high school and there were no things in that book saying that that was not alright. Edward was over protective. He had nothing in common with Bella it seemed to me that the only reason Bella liked him was cuz of his looks. If you have something to say against that please give a comment.
If you have not read these books DO NOT!!!! they were a wast of time a total disappointment and a disaster.

the things that bothered me in this book is Vampires DONT sparkle,they cant get people people pregnant, the writing was horrible the charcter sucked the plot was bad and basically all it was saying was that a girl can only live with a guy.

Jenn i agree w/ some of ur points up there, except one. how did all it say was a girl can only live w/ a guy? bella was going to college, most of her girlfriends went to college instead marring their boyfriend. and the whole "she got pregnant right after high school; nothing in the book said it wasnt alright", im not saying girls she get pregnant immediatly, im all for womens right, blah blah blah. but if shes married to ed (which at this point she was) then isnt ok for her to get pregant? im mean he IS her husband!


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yeah but she relied on him she didn't want to leave him she nearly got killed but who saved the day HIM

Jenn who ever said it was a bad thing to rely on people u love? i mean, im not saying u should stay w/ someone until it kills u, and im not saying u shouldnt do anything for urself, but shouldnt people be able to reliy on someone else even a lil bit????


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yeah u do but bella relyes all the way on others and that isn't the only part of the book i dont like

Jenn i know thats not the only part u dont like, i said thats the only part i didnt agree w/ u on. and yes bella does rely on him too much, but ur making it sound like relying on someone even a lil bit is bad.


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well ik that u can rely on peopl that u trust but she trusted him before she even knew him and that is not very good.

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Megan i used to love it but then it got old to fast and i began to not like it idk i guess it was ok at first but now its like


Black Queen I didn't really like the Twilight series nor the movie. I think they move to fast and with the movie. I think the werewolves own the whole twilight series becuase they're the ones who brought most of the action in the books and movies.

Rishelle books and movies not very good. there are way better books and movies out there

Karla YES THEY ARE, in my opinion.

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Virág I read these two years ago in the 7th grade, I think. My first reaction to Twilight was "OMG I LOVE THIS!" (Don't ask me why, I have no idea myself.) Then New Moon was ehhh. Eclipse was horrible, and I only read Breaking Dawn to finish the series (I don't like leaving things un-done).

My opinion of Twilight now? It really sucks. Meyers could have made it into a much shorter book series and it would have been better - I mean, honestly, half of all the books are either describing how beautiful Edward's effing jaw or whatever is and telling us that Bella hates the rain and is always shivering and over-analyzing stuff. Yawwwwwn. Oh, did I mention that the plot was always very boring? Well, it is. VERY boring.

There will always be people jumping head-first inot these books and loving it, but they are either:
a) teenage girls who daydream about having and incredibly hot, shallow guy in love with them

b) people who have no concept of what real life, friendship, and love is about, and can only relate to this unrealistic crap

c) human beings (techically...) who just have a horrible taste in literature.

Not even mentioning anything else, Twilight sets a bad example for people, especially girls. Bella is a helpless, clumsy girl who does very rash and stupid things all the freaking time. She turns into a puddle when Edward leaves her, lies to her parents all the time, and just dumps her human friends once she joins her band of perfect vampires. She has no goals in life except to be with Edward, completely depends on him for survival. *scoffs*

Granted, there are worse books than the Twilight series, but all the hype over this trash book is making me sick.

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Gianna OKEY

Tamara whatever twilight was amazing! ill admit it has its flaws but so does anyother book u read!

Karla Tamara wrote: "whatever twilight was amazing! ill admit it has its flaws but so does anyother book u read!"

Correct. I agree.

Karla And also, why make a topic about a book you don't even like. Don't be so obsessive..

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y do u hate twilight wat do u think is worng with it

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Emiilia HelloBookLovers We all know that this is a fictional book. In the book Eragon, we all know that dragons cant fly. And in the book Narnia we know that animals can't talk. we also know that humans eyes can't turn red or bright orange. nor can humans turn to stone. but in all of THOSE BOOKS THE authors found a GOOD REASON FOR EVERYTHING. Like WHy dragons fly or why this humans eyes turned red. They put the whole story together and it all made sense.

When Meyer writes something down on paper, a few pieces of the story does not make sense, it sounds so fake. The whole story does not come together at the end.

Everyone can write a fiction book, I can even make up a very good story. but she DOESN'T go through with what she writes. if your going to write a story you should really make it stick or dont bother writing.

Meyer did so well in the first 3 books but then at the end it looks like she rushed to published it, or she got tired of the whole story and wanted to finish it. Breaking Dawn really needs some work. and there still some unanswered questions that she left out in the last book. =)

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drew Virag wrote: "I read these two years ago in the 7th grade, I think. My first reaction to Twilight was "OMG I LOVE THIS!" (Don't ask me why, I have no idea myself.) Then New Moon was ehhh. Eclipse was horrible, a..."

i agree

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