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Shinynickel Hello all! Hopefully you can help me with this - I've googled the living daylights out of this book, but still haven't turned anything up on it. I would love an author or a title for it, but unfortunately I have neither.

I used to own a book of moral dilemmas. I had found it, and I don't think it had been recently published. It was small (i.e., it sat smaller on the shelf than the average trade paperback... maybe even smaller than the average paperback) and thin. The cover was either predominantly or entirely red.

The key thing that stood out for me, however, was that the book had answers to the moral dilemmas. Each dilemma was a paragraph to a couple of paragraphs long, and then beneath it would be the answer. It was not a big philosophy text, so there wasn't in-depth discussion as to how the author had gotten the 'right' answer to each dilemma.

The dilemma that stands out for me most was that of an assistant chef in an expensive restaurant. The head chef is a tyrant and will fire people for no reasons - you don't want to piss him off. As the asst chef (i.e., you) stirs the soup stock one day, you see a hair fall in. If you tell the head chef, the soup can be disposed of and remade, but you'll almost certainly be fired. What do you do?

And the book actually answered that you shouldn't tell the head chef, and therefore keep your job. I lost the book in a recent move, and to be honest I'm a little heartbroken about it. It was such an odd, wonderful little thing.

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Kate Farrell | 4075 comments Mod
101 Ethical Dilemmas by Cohen has this kind of format. I don't know if the chef is in it, or not.

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Lobstergirl | 36892 comments Mod
101 Ethical Dilemmas for the link.

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Lobstergirl | 36892 comments Mod
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