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hypocrite clams... Follow the rules of the group, and we should be fine. Here is the format:
P.S. Children of the big three are a first-come-first-serve thing, so claim quick!


P.P.S.S. You can have satyrs, sprites, nymphs, etcetera………

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hypocrite clams... Name: Dolorosa (Hebrew for 'Sorrows')
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Cold
Parent: Hades
Other: Enjoys sneaking into camp and sleeping in the Golden Fleece tree, just to piss the gods off. A true trouble maker☺☻

hypocrite clams... She goes by Rose, FYI.

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Name: Chyanne
Age: 16
Personality: Kind, passionate, can be feirce, caring
Appearance: [image error]
Parent: Posiedon
Other: uhhhhhhhh

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Name: Channing
Age: 16
Personality: Can be nice, stays to himself, rude
Appearance: Tall, short blond hair, dark blue eyes.
Parent: Aphrodite
Other: doesnt mormally act like an aprodite child, but he is.

hypocrite clams... Both are accepted.

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Name: Brandon Whitson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Quick temper, rudely honest, but can be nice
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes
Parent: A regular guy and a half blood. His grandfather is Ares.
Other: He's at Camp Half Blood to help out, since monsters tend to not go after him.

hypocrite clams... Okay, cool. Nice idea with the grandfather thing. Accepted!

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