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what do you think is going to happen in Blood Promise?

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message 1: by Diana Jane (new)

Diana Jane (dees_world) | 61 comments I really wish i knew what was going to happen between Dimitri and Rose, i dont really have any ideas well i do i have a few but i'd like to know what others are thinking?
Also i think that Rose if she isnt going to get back together with dimitri or is, (whichever) should give Adrian a go.
He seemed so sweet when he handed her the money and planned for her to go..

what are your thoughts?

message 2: by J (new)

J (jjbeanhead) | 12 comments If she does end up killing Dimitri because he's strigoi will she end up with Adrian? It'd be cool if they worked in a way to save Dimitri and turn him back to who he was before...

message 3: by Diana Jane (new)

Diana Jane (dees_world) | 61 comments yeh thats true but yet again, it wouldnt really be a story if things just turned out dandy in the end would it?
would be nice though, cause yes he is gorgeous and i pretty much got teary eyed when he got grabbed by that strigoi...

message 4: by Samary (new)

Samary | 20 comments OMG!!! i agree with J because i totally LOVE Dimitri!!
i would HATE if he just dies BUT i honestly think something good is going to happen since like theres like two more books.
so im just HOPING that he at least like goes back to normal(:

message 5: by Catie (new)

Catie | 4 comments I can't WAIT for the book to come out. I want dimitri to come back REALLY bad. Anyways Diana Jane mentioned the strigoi that grabbed Dimitri. Do you think that Rose will want revenge? Isn't that also the same strigoi that threatened Lissa?

message 6: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn (skitsofrnik) | 14 comments Okay.... it would really suck if this happened but, alas, it might. I think she's going to kill Dimitri. Not in the 4th but yeah *sigh* and I agree with Catie, she should kill the blonde. Kill him, then kill him again. I do think that Dimka will be turned back or turn Rose strigoi but I wish that she'd add a more interesting plot twist.

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