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The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) This is where we come up with the plots. I came up with one to start with.

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Plot-Edward said in Eclipse that nothing went on between him and Tanya, what if he just didnt want to tell Bella. He and Tanya were in fact together for quite some time, they slowly began to like each other, with the help of Esme they were put together and loved each other. They got married and adopted a human boy after Jealousy consumed Tanya after finding out something about Irina ((I will tell that side-plot in another post)) his name was Jason and he was a paranoid Schizophrenic after having been beaten by his father.

Tanya and Edward hit a bumpy road in the road of they're love and it was too hard to fight and they decided to get divorced, Jason hearing about this and panicking ran away in the middle of winter in Alaska and nearly freezing to death Tanya and Edward find him and turn him.

-Skip to Twilight-Era-

Edward is now living in Forks, Washington, after having Jason taken away from him during the divorce he is crushed and doesnt think he'll find love again (In comes Bella we all know the plot for that) After him and Bella are married, Bella is a Vampire and Reneesmee is born (In Breaking Dawn) Tanya decides to come with Jason and talk things over about Edward taking Jason for a century or two, not knowing Bella doesnt know that he and her were together.

Side Plot for Irina-Irina gets imprinted on by a werewolf Taylor and finds out its her 'Gift' to be able to have children. She finds out that she is by Taylor and tells Tanya, Tanya gets furious and enraged she tells Irina to leave and get lost, Irina does with Taylor and comes back when Tanya has Jason and Edward is with Bella, trying to patch things up she doesnt tell Tanya she has five more children all boys, all werewolves.

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Just something I thought up.

The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) You've now announced it on both of my groups :)

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Yeah, I know, I wanted to join a really active one so I joined this one, the other one is slower. :) I want both of you're groups to use it.

The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) :) I'm honored :) We'll use it next.

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Any of you're groups actually feel free to copy and paste it, just give me credit.

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Oh! Check out my characters make sure they're okay!

The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) I saw them, and these our my only two groups :)

I swear I'm going to kill that son of a @#?%!

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Thats really good and I get to be Edward. This should be really fun!!!

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Okay. I get to be Jason and/or Tanya and/or Irina :D

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Well aren't we going to use the carries from the other rp. I thought Allie was Bella

The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) Hmm, if Allie doesn't get on I'll steal her precious little Bella. But, I do have Carlisle.

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Okay. I'm gonna try and catch up on the Cullen Plot, seeing as I am Esme.

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Oh, but I'll still talk to you.

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Alice you might kill me but to get Esme involved can Edward go to her to think Mary over.

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ok. are we making another folder for this plot.

The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) I will later.

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Uh, what are you talking about???

The Insane Psychopath Jane Volturi (janewhitlockhale) I said if you didn't get on, when we do this plot. But, I might not even be here then.

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