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Andy (andy_m) | 311 comments I am about a third into the book and I was thinking a lot about Espers, their uses in society, and their misuses in the book.

Patriarchy aside for now, why are such a limited resource such as Espers being employed as "social secretaries"? Couldn't there be more important uses to the approximately 111000 telepathic people? I know that some are important in the police and in other fields, and the rich can hire anyone they want for any reason. If I were a person of influence I could think of a lot of ways that limited amount of gifted people could be used to high effect.

For example: legal arbiters, psychiatric care, or really anywhere you needed confirmation of truth or to improve communication.

How would you use hope that Espers could work in society?

EDIT: I changed the title to better reflect my thought.

Mark Catalfano (cattfish) Probably because there's so many espers that the less skilled ones just get lost among the crowd. You have your corporate spies, then you have the is my wife cheating on me variety

message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (tenebrous) | 377 comments For someone that could read minds psychiatry could be unpleasant.

Steve (plinth) | 179 comments Childcare.

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