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Naked in Death (In Death, #1)
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Book Hunting / Recommendations > Is there something like the “In Death” series with less sex?

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Ankit | 1 comments i finished reading naked in death yesterday and i have very mixed feelings about it. i thought the plot itself wasn't particularly strong and i took an issue with the graphic descriptions of sex scenes in the book.

i actually liked the fact that romance was a big part of the story and the many scenes of banter between eve and roarke. so i have no problem with prominent romance in a crime/mystery novel, but it has to be the subplot, rather than the main course. and i'd like less smut.

also, as an aside, i could do with less prostitution and rape too. just…less sex, in general.

i also liked plum island by nelson demille but when i picked up the next book, i found myself losing interest in it pretty soon. the story involves terrorists and international intrigue, which makes it too complex for me to enjoy.

is there another series that is more fitting to my taste out there, either by male or female authors? i would definitely want that the lead romantic pairing remain unchanged throughout the series though. the james bond-style changing of the love interest with each book is off-putting for me.

i wouldn't mind the inclusion of some humour and wit either.

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Carmen | 2477 comments Try Janet Evanovichs ' Stephanie Plum series. Starts with One for the Money.

It has some sex, but not overly so. It's really funny and the main couple is good together. I think this is up your alley.

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Dan Andriacco | 1 comments At the risk of being self-promotional, I think you might enjoy my Sebastian McCabe - Jeff Cody mystery series. They are light, heavy on humor, with a romantic subplot in every book but no explicitness. You can find all the titles by searching "Dan Andriacco" on Amazon or go to my blog at

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