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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen A. Wyle (kawyle) | 253 comments I'm looking for opinions (or clairvoyance!): in 30 or 40 years, will there still be a distinction between phones and tablets? If so, will we still speak of "tablets," as we still speak of "phones," or will there be some other term? If so, what might it be?


message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Comm and datatab.

message 3: by Yzabel (new)

Yzabel Ginsberg (yzabelginsberg) | 262 comments We won't need phones or tablets anymore. We'll have comm-links allowing us to see things directly displayed in front of our eyes, in a kind of augmented reality, and will shift icons etc. with our fingers through these holograms. While phoning.

Or something like that. ;)

message 4: by Arabella (new)

Arabella Thorne (arabella_thornejunocom) | 354 comments When I bought my IPad and the Apple employee want to know what I was looking for I asked do you have an IPad with a phone....and the guy laughed and said....not yet
So if you noticed smartphones are not getting smaller they are getting larger screens! So I say yes...pretty soon it will all be one item...and probably phoning will include an optional Skype feature

message 5: by Lance (new)

Lance Charnes (lcharnes) | 326 comments Maybe for 20-year-olds, they'll be the same. For anyone over thirty, they'll have to be separate, because grown-up eyes can't read a damn thing on a 4" screen.

Also, today's 20YOs will be half-blind from squinting at 4" screens during their formative years, so they'll need something larger if they're going to get anything done. They'll also have arthritis in their thumbs from 30+ years of texting wear-and-tear.

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