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I don't understand why people say it's a Twilght rip off?

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Mel The stories are completely different.. And to be honest, Bella couldn't survive half of the trauma Remy had been through. Just because they both move away to live with their father, doesn't mean that one is ripping off the other.

Nicole I really enjoyed this book, but I could see the parallels. Not only did they have very similar covers, but They were both drawn to "older" men who had a strong desire to drain their life force and they are some sort of soul mates. There is also a parallel between the angry sister and brother who aren't completely accepting and they blame her for her role in the trouble that comes to them.

I didn't feel that it was a ripoff of Twilight, but I could see what they were talking about.

Jeannie Lopez The story is different and a greater boo.

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