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message 1: by M.M. (new)

M.M. John (mmjohn) | 17 comments Hello!

I am publishing my first novel and I have a lot of questions about self-publishing. I have read a lot on the internet, but it seems overwhelming and I don't know where to start.
I am currently editing.
My big question is what to do first?
I read I should begin marketing now, but I'm not sure how to do that.
What goes inside the novel itself? Besides just the story.
How do you build an author website and do you need it?
What step-by-step process do you recommend for successfully publishing your first novel?

message 2: by T.J. (new)

T.J. Childers (tjchilders) | 3 comments I would first seriously consider Amazon KDP. I noticed you mentioned Createspace in a previous comment and, while it is a very nice platform, I think you can benefit greatly from Amazon KDP. If you already have a following than Createspace could be perfect for you but KDP opens a lot of doors for new authors.
If you decide to go the KDP route there are many websites which help get the word out. (I don't know the rules of linking to outside websites but a quick goole search will show a plethora)
KDP free days were beneficial to me. I can say from personal experience that a good number of readers have found me after downloading a free promotional copy of my book. I can't say if it would have been as easy to attract readers with a higher cost, higher wait to read time(Shipping) if I had only used Createspace.
This is only a suggestion.

My other suggestion is to hire a professional editor. I do not know your level of editing, you may be the best, but from what I've seen, self editors are too attached to the work and don't scrutinize as thoroughly.

Marketing is essential. Like I said KDP has a great connection to the online world and could help you immensely. Blog tours, early reviews, and a social presence (FB, Twitter, etc..) could also be beneficial.

You can put whatever you want inside the novel. I personally have a dedication, cover, "Other works by". Table of contents and that legal page are also commonly used. It's your novel, do what you please.

You can always start a cheap blog until you get a decent following. I feel FB, twitter do a good job of connecting people in the beginning.

Just keep exploring and learn as you go. As much as you read before hand there will always be something you won't expect and will have to learn through experience.

Good luck!

message 3: by M.M. (new)

M.M. John (mmjohn) | 17 comments Thanks T.J.
I have hired an editor. I am way too close to my writing to be objective.
I was looking into KDP, thanks for giving more information about that.
I have been a bit overwhelmed with the marketing aspect. It just seems like so much you can do. What would you say, in your experience, has worked the most for you? If you could do things over again, what would you do first?

Sorry for all of the questions! I know I will learn on the way, but it is great to hear from others.

message 4: by T.J. (new)

T.J. Childers (tjchilders) | 3 comments The KDP Free days are honestly what helped the most. I use my social network's to get the word out before and during the free sale and that usually results in a quick number of downloads. There are also a ton of websites that will post your book on the day that it is free and I have seen a significant boost in downloads from that as well. I don't want to link out so google KDP free promotion and enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole.

A fan page on facebook, twitter help as well. I like to keep my personal facebook as clutter free from my posts about the books being for sale as much as possible because I know I hate it when someone is trying to sell me something and I'm just wasting time browsing. With my fan page I'm allowed to do more self promotion since the people that like it and will have it show up on their feeds know that this is for my writing and all I talk about is my writing.

I also have my own website where Im able to talk more about my book, have a little blog, and I have commissioned an artist to draw a comic I've written and bring eye balls to the page. It is all up to you.

I would continue to browse message boards, reddit, and anywhere else that talks about indie publishing. There are so many options for marketing that can be explored. Good luck!

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