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BOTM Guidelines

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message 1: by Carlena, Pumpkin Pie/Care Bear (new)

Carlena | 1753 comments Alrighty, here is the guidelines and such for BOTM

1. On the first of every month we will start the next book in the series.

2. The first week or so of the month will be the time for everyone to read/reread the book.

3. For the rest of the month we will be in general discussion of the book. I will from time to time pop in and ask questions to incite conversation. I invite others to ask questions too.

4. Things to discuss will be theme, plot, characters, events, and any other thing you wish to talk about regarding the book.

5. We will be going in the order that is listed on Sherrilyn's website. I will post a list soon of the BOTM's we will have till the end of the year

6. Please keep in mind there are others who haven't read all the books, so when referencing another book make sure you either list it as a spoiler or do not give enough information away to ruin the book.

Also, do feel free to ask me any questions. I try to answer all pm's within an hour or two.

Thanks for your patience as this is the first time for me doing a major thing as a new moderator. I hope that together we can make it awesome!

message 2: by Manuela (new)

Manuela (manu21) | 2559 comments Hi sweetcakes, do we read the novellas and short stories in the anthologies as well?

message 3: by Carlena, Pumpkin Pie/Care Bear (new)

Carlena | 1753 comments I will include those manuela. :) Next month we will do Dragonswan and Night Embrace since Dragonswan is such a small book.

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