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Sarah Younan we all have a love/hate relationship for this guy
and who wouldn't?! he is literally a roller coaster of emotions
my reactions:
(when he calls amy a freak) oh HELL NO!! (asking for forgiveness) You blew it man!!!!

(when he says he would give her the stars) AWWWWW!!!! <3333

GOD!! hes just sooo, ugh i cant <3

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Sarah Younan http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln8uga...
You were the only person who never called me that!!!

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Amy Thomson I think I just love him. Haha

Sarah Younan Amy wrote: "I think I just love him. Haha"

i love him too but sometimes he can just erk me

Ashley Am Elder is amazing he is one of the best characters ever (but wayyyy after tamani) go read across the universe!

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Amy Thomson Please can this be a spoiler-less thread?! I haven't read the third one. :)

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