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BUDDY READ: Adult Fiction > One Day by David Nicholls, Starting October 4th 2013

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Rachmi  | 4945 comments Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways. So where will they be on this one day next year? And the year after that? And every year that follows?

Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY.

Elizabeth and I will buddy read this book on September 8th, everyone welcome! :)

Rachmi  | 4945 comments Elizabeth, have you started it yet? I think I'm going to be late. I read 2 chapters a while ago and it's a little bit slow.I'm going to put it on hold. I didn't like my last reading so I need something that can lift my mood again.

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments No i havent started it yet and if were putting it on hold i might do a series read first x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments Okay then, when you ready to read it, just let me know, will you?

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Will do :) x

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Hey Rachmi, i'm ready to read this when you are x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments I forgot to tell you that I'm ready too :D how about Oct 4th?

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Sounds good to me :D x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments Have you started it yet, Elizabeth? I'm starting it now

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Just got back from work I'm going to start it in bed haha how many chapters/ pages are we reading a day? x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments I usually read one book at one time so I never stick to how many chapters/pages a day. I just read it until I finish it and then move to another book. But if you want to read that way that's fine with me since I have to catch up with another buddy read tomorrow :)

I'm on chapter 3 now, and liking it so far. I like Emma already but not quite for Dexter, he's a spoil rich guy who do nothing but I'm curious of his future so yeah...I will continue read it :)

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments I don't mind how we read it :) x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments I think I need more time and patience to read it. I mean, it's quite slow and has longer pages in one chapters that I used to read. I put it on hold this morning to read another book and when I finished that book this afternoon, I continued again reading this book. Now I just finished chapter 5 and it hasn't gone anywhere except that I know that I hate Dexter and don't understand Emma.

Rachmi  | 4945 comments Hi Elizabeth, how's your reading? I'm on 40%, I think, I'm not sure. One thing I'm know is I'm so bored! :)

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments i am as well its quite slow and its taking me a while to get in to it, i think this will be one of my slower reads.. i dont even think im at 20% yet haha x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments Yes, this definitely one of my slow read too! I skipped many description since I'm so bored with it and want to finish it ASAP so that I can move on to another book :)

Rachmi  | 4945 comments 55% I liked Emma, in first half of the book but now, don't think I like her anymore, unless she has something big and/or interesting that make me like her again.

In this part I think there isn't anything for me to like and enjoy this book *sigh*

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments I'm actually warming to both dexter and Emma I don't know why. I didn't think I would but I am. I'm just starting chapter five x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments What do you think of Dexter and Emma?

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments I think dexter should just tell her how he feels about her and vice versa. I think they should get together. You? x

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Also I've decided that I don't like Slyvie, Ian or Phil :/ x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments I'm on 60% but put it on hold (again) to read another book :) I'm going to continue it tomorrow, I think.

I don't like Dexter, most of the time he's childish. I mean he's a grown up man but I think he doesn't know what he really wants, or at least doesn't realize it. He only play around. As for Emma, after 55% I don't like her either, can't believe she is (view spoiler). And yeah...I don't like Phil either.

At this point I don't have anything that I like from this book :D

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments I agree with what you said about Dexter but for some reason i still sort of like him and as for Emma she has become quite boring :/ so overall not sure what to make of the book quite yet, hmm :) x

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments The best chapter ive read so far is chapter 15 :) x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments Agree, Emma is quite boring. I think she is like only waiting for something to happen in her life, she rarely do it to happen. It's like she plays save and do what she thought everyone wants her to do.

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments (Spoiler) I agree and it never really happens but I'm glad she was happy. x

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments What do you think of the book?:) x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments It's soooooooooo boring, I know I have to be patience since it tells about 2 people in 20 years, just as it's written as the tagline in the cover of the book. But I never thought that it would be this boring I have to have a lot of patience and need more time to finish it :(

How about you? do you like it?

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Urm I have a mixed review to be honest because some of the chapters weren't too bad it was just that some of the parts dragged on for too long or where insignificant how far have you got? x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments On second thought, I guess you are right. I remember at the beginning when I still liked Emma, it wasn't too bad and there are chapters that I quite liked. The fact that I disliked Dexter from the beginning means that the author wrote it well. I mean he surely can make me hate Dexter with his decription about him. Maybe best I can say is I don't quite like story but as a story it's written well :)

I'm on chapter 11 now, I think I'm going to continue it in two or three days after I finish my 2 buddy reads :D

Rachmi  | 4945 comments I finished it! I liked few chapters toward the end but I still think it's quite boring. I don't know maybe it's because it contains a very long term of Emma and Dexter's life or maybe because I put it on hold three times and kinda lost interest :) Now I want to watch the movie version :D

How about you? how far you got?

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments I finished it a couple of days ago and I agree with you :( x

Rachmi  | 4945 comments I just realized that you finished it days ago and gave it 5 stars! I haven't decided how many stars I will give it :D

Elizabeth Emily Browne (snakesandladderrs) | 2216 comments Yeah I gave it five stars for how it was written more than anything x

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