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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments The home of Brittania and her son, Jonathan. It lies in the suburbs near the Task Force headquarters. It was designed in the style of a Swedish cottage.

The front door was hand carved by Simon

Living Room:


Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:

Jonathan's Bedroom:

SSimon's Study: The double french doors to this room remain locked at all times for security- and peace of mind

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Tania stood at the sink, washing the dishes from the morning's breakfast. Nathan was two doors down at the Daniel's, as they too had a son entering kindergarten this year. She scrubbed the plates and hummed along to whatever slow ballad was playing on the radio. It was early March, and it seems the spring rain had already made its arrival. It was raining steadily outside the quaint house, the sound of it on the roof such an old and comforting one. The large windows at the front of the house were open to let the scent of rain in, the burgundy curtains fluttering about in the wind.
She was wearing a very loose knit cream sweater over her gray workout shorts, which came down too short to cover much, but she was planning on staying home all day. She coughed once, yet resumed her singing along to the French song.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon slammed his car door closed, and still not having remembered all too much about her in general. Was beyond nervous that he'd screw up, he bit his lip, taking out the note with her name and address, locking the doors before checking the address again. Then again. Then again. He wanted this to be as perfect as he could make it-as painless as he could make it. He was still swearing jeans, seeing as he was always a tad bit cold and a light jacket. The light breeze felt amazing against his skin.
5 and a half years, and this place was his. His home. But more importantly, his family. He didn't know what to expect, or how anyone would react. Maybe she moved on and John didn't know, or his son hated him.
Those little what ifs had crept into his mind again, making him want to go back into the car and wait an hour, but he wouldn't. Not yet, not when the clock was still ticking away at his life. He shakily walked up the small path, tripping slightly over a cracked stone that hadn't been replaced yet, or maybe ever.
He walked up to the door, giving it a quick glance as he raised his hand to knock. Before backing away having chickened out, what if he pronounced her name wrong? Or she hated him for leaving her?
It was hard to shake these thoughts out of his head before he finally took a deep breath and knocked on the door, waiting with his hands behind his back for someone to answer, he looked nervous, extremely nervous.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments The water stopped, soon followed by the silence of the radio "Moment!" A melodic voice called from the right side of the house, heavily weighted with a French and Swedish accent on her English. When Simon had been alive, she had spoken English for him. But now that he wasn't, her two native tongues were her most common, and little Nate was now fluent in them. She walked to the door, clearing her throat as she dried her hands in a dishtowel, walking to the door. Two locks clicked and a chain latch could be heard scraping the door as she undid it, opening the heavy wooden door to face. Him. No. He is dead. No The blonde woman stared up at him, her gray eyes panicking as her jaw locked and she dropped the towel in her hands to her feet. Her breath was heavy as she tried to remain calm. Her hands grabbed at the gun on the table near the door. She cocked the pistol, holding it out in front of her. But it was clear she was scared beyond reason, as her hands were shaking like leaves in a hurricane, the gun bouncing up and down. "Who are you. And why do you look like..my husband" she breathed in a shallow, sucking breath.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon's first reaction kicked in, mostly because he didn't even know this women as she just f***king pulled a gun out at him. Though if he were to be honest, she was already his type from just what he could see. His hands went up in defense as he bit his lip, just praying to god she didn't blow his face off.
"Er-Please don't shot, I've had enough bullets to last me a life time. I'm Simon...Simon Riley. I was told my family lived here-But if I got the wrong address I can just leave" He had spoken relatively quickly, mostly because he wasn't in the mood to harm an innocent women for his own mistakes. Looking past her he saw a photo on the wall of her and a boy, as well as one of a man who appeared to look similar to him.
He felt a knot form in his stomach, so maybe he didn't get the wrong house, though that didn't seem to calm his nerves, mostly because all he could think of was really dying this time from a bullet through his head.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments "Look" she said, swallowing hard and trying to steady her hands but failing. "You have ten seconds to tell me why you're here, why you look like my husband and how you found out I'm Simon Riley's wife. Don't tell me you're him. I buried his burnt body-" she jerked her head towards a folded British flag hanging on the wall, a Task Force 141 pin against it under the glass. "What do you want" she repeated, taking a step back for safety, her brow set in determination. "If I even think you're lying- I'll double tap you through the heart. I may be a woman, but I sure as hell won't miss" she growled, though she wasn't honestly sure she could shoot someone who looked exactly like him. She suddenly realized she had told Simon those same words about not missing when they first met, which made her set her jaw even more, gritting her teeth.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon grabbed the gun, his fingers working so that within a second all possible bullets fell to the floor. "I couldn't answer the first question in 10 seconds." He sent an almost glare at that, what was he expected to do? Speed through it all? Talk at lightening speed? He didn't think so in the slightest, or rather, he wouldn't. "I want to come home-Or at least, know that I do have a home...." He frowned his eye brows together, who'd body did they bury then?
"And I can sure as hell promise you that you didn't bury me, not unless I'm a zombie or some sh*t like that" He rolled up his sleeve about half way, showing off the scars from him getting burned. "Lets just say...What if the bullet missed every right thing, everything it could miss so that I stayed alive, and what if I manage to not get burned but get saved by some stranger and nursed back to health. And that now....however many years later it's been, I'm back-Though I haven't the slightest idea of who I am." He wasn't sure if it would work but it was worth a shot.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Tania's eyes widened in fear at his move, screaming as he did so, yet she fell deathly silent as he explained. Her breath quickened and it seemed like she couldn't get a good breath. Despite her best efforts to stay strong, which she was quite good at after growing up in a Taliban prison, being abused everyday. Yet he was claiming to be her husband. Standing here. Before her. "I sure- " she smashed him into the door as it closed, her forearm against his neck. "As h*ll did bury my husband. Don't tell me different" her threat had a pleading undertone as she felt herself crying. She swallowed hard, knowing that if it truly was her husband, he would easily win this hand to hand fight.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon groaned, he was hoping she didn't react like this. He didn't want to fight on his first day back. Though despite his wantings. He easily got his foot pressed against the wall, pushing them both back as he freed himself, quick to dodge anything she did in reaction before he pinnned her against the wall, holding her hands behind her back tightly, his right foot pinning back her legs. "I get it if you don't F**king believe me about being your husband. But don't you, or anyone for that matter, tell me I'm dead when I'm right f**king here." He stated slowly.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Her chin quivered as she watched him, sobs shaking her body as she tried to hide them, shaking her head back and forth as all things that made sense in her lonely world disappeared. "No! No! I saw your body! You were so..so burnt!" she cried, avoiding his gaze as she sobbed, feeling so weak and pathetic. So many barriers she had built. Death had been something she watched at age four, and she had been forced to deal with it since then. She had reached the point that not even the "death" of someone as close as Soap had evoked more from her than tears. Yet Simon...The memory of feeling herself collapsing before his oak coffin with all the pins of the Task Force members lined up on it in respect...His grip on her had loosened in surprise to her reaction and she cried with no regard to how she appeared to him, beating on his chest with her fists. She no longer cared about escape- it was just pure emotion. "No! You left me!! You always promised you'd make it back and you didn't! You finally had a son and a family and you didn't come back! I kept believing and believing it wasn't you...but you never came back!" she continued to pound her fists weakly on his chest as she cried.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon didn't know how to respond. It wasn't he fault. He didn't so anything wrong. He still didn't even know who she was, as much as he wished he did he didn't. And he felt terrible about it. "Hey..." he sighed "It isn't my fault. Alright? Would you just prefer me dead or something? Prefer me to go?" He asked her, raising a brow to her. There was something about her, and despite the entire situation and hiw crazy it was to do this, he felt like he loved her.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She swallowed hard, wiping at her eyes as she recovered within moments, drawing it all back in by some magic. She let her hands fall off his chest and hang at her sides, unsure of what to do. "So you..you- really are Simon. My Simon?" she asked sternly, struggling to keep her words clear and distinguishable under her heavy accent. Her eyes fell on his left hand, as she was one hundred percent certain he didn't have that tattoo. And yet, there was something about him. The arms were freckled in the same way. And he smelled the same. The same as his mask that she kept in her nightstand. Musky yet strong and sweet. It seemed his very presence sent all her senses into over drive and set her hormones buzzing. "No. Don't go. F*ck. I would be glad if you never walked out that door ever again" she laughed nervously, running a hand with spread fingers through her long blonde hair as she swallowed hard to steel herself.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Avril *Revenge is Like A ghost* wrote: "She swallowed hard, wiping at her eyes as she recovered within moments, drawing it all back in by some magic. She let her hands fall off his chest and hang at her sides, unsure of what to do. "So y..."

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somebody | 142 comments ((I'm Sorry! I've been working on something all day and pretty much made a point to myself that I'd stay on focus about that! Though I'm back now for about an hour and a half before going bye bye))

"I'm sorry.." It was all Simon would really say to her at this point, and he was. It was obvious she went through h*ll while he was gone, and he hadn't once though honestly about her. Yes in general he wondered about if he even had a wife, then it went to what was she like. Though now by this point he kind of just wanted to hold her. He wasn't sure how to say it though, the fact that he hadn't the slightest idea who she was. How he lost everything he ever knew, well most of everything. Every memory that is, every person. Though logicalness, facts, math, English, he knew all of that. His eye brows frowned together slightly as he bit his lip, whispering a "What's your name again." He didn't want to snap at her, nor did he want to break or hurt her. He wasn't used to people acting out like this, and was positive she almost never did.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments "Britannia." She said, her gray eyes flashing up to meet his in a spark. "My name is Britannia. I'm a member of 141. Code name Snowbird. " she said flatly, ducking under his arm that he had against the door as she took perfectly even strides to the kitchen. "I'll make your favorite tea" she motioned for him to follow as she stood on her toes, reaching to the very back of one of the cabinets, pulling out the old, beat up green tin he always kept his tea leaves in as she put a pot on the stove.

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somebody | 142 comments He nodded his head sigh as he got up. He didn't need to know everything else, he kind of just wanted her name at least. Just so he could remember. "Anything I can do to help?" He asked, knowing he'd feeling slightly awkward if he couldn't do anything. He wanted to get to know her all over again, or rather the best he could. Maybe it could even help at this point. He walked along after her, looking around the house, some of it looking familiar though he couldn't place form where. It made him feel pretty much useless.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She smirked halfway and shook her head. "No ghost. I think I can manage to make tea by myself. " she set the tin on the counter and dusted it off, popping it open and putting the right amount in the kettle. She reached for a dish towel, wiping off her hands as she whipped her head at the sound of thunder, yet calmed once she realized what it was. "So..." She leaned against the island, realizing how hard it was to make her English clear. "What do you want to know first" her eyes studied him like those of a bobcat as a placid smirk laid across her features.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon chuckled with a light roll of his eyes, leaning against the counter and flashing her a lop sided grin. "I kind of want to know just some basic things, I suppose. Mostly just things that I need to know, rest I can figure out my self." His eyes flickered to the window as he saw grey clouds forming. Knowing that soon enough it'd be pouring down, raining cats and dogs if you'd like. He could only just manage to make out her words through the accent, though being able to just was well enough for him.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She couldn't help but smile. It was then she realized this would be hard for her, as part of her had hardened again, and she would have to break through that. "Like what,...." She frowned, looking down and wrinkling her brow as she struggled to think of the right word. "Specifically?!" She half asked, half declares as she turned back to turn the tea.

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somebody | 142 comments "I couldn't just go and ask about specific vacations I can't remember now can I! I can't go and ask you oh how's the house in Spain if I don't even know if there is one! I can't do anything!" Simon sighed, throwing his hands up in defense, his head going back lightly as he groaned. "I just want to know general information, or is that not specific enough? I can't ask how the cats doing, or the dog if I don't even know if we have any." He pointed out with a sigh.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Tania narrowed her eyes. This was what was going to make this difficult. She had hated Simon when they first met. "Well. Let me just tell you everything then. I married a whimp of a whiny a*s agent. " she poured the tea and set in on a saucer in front of him, plopping the spoon in the cup just spit splashed him. "Better?" She growled, walking to the window and flipping the latch, struggling as she tried to push it down.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon hadn't the slightest idea what he saw in her before. "Yea. Seems like I married a complete b*tch with anger issues who can't seem to have the slightest bit of empathy save for herself. So if you want to f*cking go there, I haven't fought in a long a** time." He stated with a frown, whipping the tea off of him.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Britannia slammed the window down and turned to face him, her lips in a line. Her eyes held pure passion and fury and she opened her mouth. "You-" but she was cut off by the sound of the front door opening. She whipped her head over her shoulder to check who it was and turned back. "Nate. " she breathed, crossing towards him. "You hide. You can say whatever you want but I won't have my sons image of his father destroyed" she threatened in a whisper, fear in her eyes. "Mom?!" The child called in a happy voice.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments "Nathan!" She smiled, crossing to the other window and snapping it shut, making sure the boys eyes stayed away from the kitchen. "I thought you were spending the night? Who brought you home?" It was then that the mowhawked John walked in, smiling. "The other lad took ill. I offered to drive him home" he grinned, striding for the kitchen with his eyes on Simon, showing they needed to talk.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon closed his mouth, he knew she was more of a bad person in this sutation, though he couldn't exactly blame her. Neither of them were at fault, he couldn't help the fact that he wasn't here for years, and she couldn't help the feeling of betral she got from him not being here. So with that, he scumbling himself into the closest cloest. Not knowing anything else to do.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John waved the boy along. "Go to your room and show your mother the new model plane I gave you Jon" he smiled as the mop topped kid took his mother's hand and they darted off down the hall. John rummaged through the fridge until he found a slice of old pizza and a beer, taking a swig of it. "You can come out. Though you may not want to, as I'm pretty pissed at you right now. She can't help the way she acts"

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John waved the boy along. "Go to your room and show your mother the new model plane I gave you Jon" he smiled as the mop topped kid took his mother's hand and they darted off down the hall. John rummaged through the fridge until he found a slice of old pizza and a beer, taking a swig of it. "You can come out. Though you may not want to, as I'm pretty pissed at you right now. She can't help the way she acts"

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somebody | 142 comments "Be p*ssed. I can't help feeling offended when someone seems to just love the idea of killing me. She gives me sh*t, I give it back. Its not my fault I left, and I can't help the fact I have no memory of her." He sighed, though staying in the closet. He didn't feel like taking any chances. "Its not the best first impression, you know." He informed him.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments He rolled his eyes. "Don't be a p**sy. I'm not going to hurt you. " he took a large bite of pizza and chewed it a while. "You chose to marry her. Look. She's damaged. It took you nearly a year to get her to talk to you. She has a way of... Coping. And it's by building walls. Forgetting. You came back and now she's screwed up. " he sighed. "Take a seat. If I'm gonna tell you her story it's going ta be a long one"

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somebody | 142 comments "There's a difference between building up walls and pulling a gun out at her husband." He sighed, she was irrational to say the least. Though he knew there must have been some other part of her he was missing. She didn't seem the shy type, or quiet type either. Though then again, the only person feeling new here was him. He got out, with a slight struggle of the handle and sat down on a chair.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John then sighed, taking a swig and leaning on the counter. "Snowbird. She was born to two operatives on a deep undercover mission for twenty years as a married couple. They were found out by the Taliban and taken hostage. She watched them kill her family. The first time she was raped was at four. She lived in the prison until nine, when one if those f***ing higher ups made her his wife. She had twin sons at fourteen. Then she was found by IRA insurgents and turned out on the world. I met her at seventeen, when she was first on the task force, even though I wasn't on it yet. She was the only woman. And the best sniper and stealth artist in the world. A walking, cold blooded weapon. " he paused in his story and swirled the beer in his bottle. "When we joined, she hated you. Fought to get you removed. But god you loved her. And you were persistent. You and her were given a six month mission in Russia as a young married couple. I don't know what you did, but it changed her. She loved you. More than anything. " he paused and made a face as he thought, rubbing his brow as he frowned. "She told me she hadn't cried since she was nine and they slaughtered her father. The way she acted, I believed it. Not even when the partner she had before you died. Not when she was shot in the head. Never. But she collapsed at your funeral. I had to drag her away because she wouldn't move" he finished and straightened as he heaved a sigh. "Look. She's d**n well screwed up. And she just doesn't know how to deal...especially with you not acting the same as you used to. Just be gentle with her." he knocked back the remaining contents of his bottle and grumbled in thought. "I cared about her a lot too"

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments It was then that a whip of thunder cracked and John raised an eyebrow, grunting. "She's bloody insane, and dangerous as hell. She almost killed you..." he screwed his brow up as he tried to remember. "Three times. Don't make her actually do it this time." The lights flickered in the storm and a door could be heard down the hall shutting. Britannia walked down the hall to the door, crouching. John deposited himself on the stool beside Simon and watched her. Her back was to them as she laid her hair over one shoulder. She carefully picked up each of the fifteen bullets and slid them into the magazine with deft fingers. She paid no mind to the fact that her tight shorts showed far too much of her muscular legs, or the fact that her sweatshirt was so loose a knit that her bra was visible. She had been around these men long enough that they had seen her naked one time or another, even if one of them couldn't remember it. She clicked the magazine into the pistol and stood, setting it back on the table carefully before rolling her sleeves up, turning back to the two men with an expression mixed with countless emotions.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon just took a deep breath, listening to it all. The story was just too surreal to understand, and if he hadn't lived it, he knew he wouldn't have believed it. But because it did, in his heart he knew it was true. He kept his face even. Biting his lip as he tried to comprehend the whole thing. "Don't worry, I won't let her." And by that he meant he wouldn't let her nor him get hurt because of her. There was just this big part of him that wanted to keep her safe, and as much as he knew she looked strong, he doubted that it could survive everything. Maybe most things, and it did keep her alive this long. Though the world was still tough, and scarred and angry emotions are the most dangerous. Together they're the worst. Judgment is terrible and often times the first reaction won't be the smartest one. He was just hoping she was smarter than that, he had a feeling she was though.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Tania walked back into the kitchen, her lips tugged slightly up at the corners in an unavoidable smile. She never thought she'd see these two together again. Or apart. Yet here they both were, sitting in front of her. Simon cleared his throat and stood, shooting Simon a look as he tossed a coin on the counter. "I always tip my bar maid" he grumbled, receiving a sly smirk from Britannia. He put an arm around her and whispered something in her ear as he righted his jacket, placing a kiss on her white cheek before nodding to Simon and striding out the door. It was then that Britannia pulled her usual coffee from the cupboard and poured it up. She pulled down the usual flask she used to make it "Irish", only to find all the liquor drained from it. She cursed in her head. Just when she needed it... Her heavy lidded eyes met his as she realized he was watching him before looking away quickly, fearing some retribution or scorn from him for her actions.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon wasn't entirely sure of what to do as he just sat back, giving a smile to Tania in hopes he hadn't ruined everything earlier. He knew that non of them were at a real fault and it would have been hard to not make those mistakes. He was just hoping to move past that at this point, sure it would never fully be the same, though maybe that was a good thing. For all he knew it was. "Anything in particular you need? Or want for that matter?" He offered to her, shifting slightly as his head cocked up to get a better look at her.

((Simon cleared his throat looking at Simon? XD))

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments (((Whoops. Lol))

"I'm fine thank you" Tania responded in a hoarse voice, her expression just as solemn as before. She pulled her hair over her shoulder, trying to cover her tattoo and realizing how exposed she was, yet managing a small laugh at the irony that she was doing so in front of her husband. Well. He only seemed to be her legal husband anymore. She sat across from him and stirred her coffee quietly as she looked down

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somebody | 142 comments "You know I'm sorry right? I feel horrible that you-" He took a deep sigh, motioning to her state. Part of him just wished he stayed away, let her live happily. Or maybe just never joined. Some way or another he simply wished he could have helped her. And still could. "I just wish there was a better way." He wasn't entirely certain how to do any of this, it's like he lost everything he knew about people and how to handle him. And it sucked.

((Oh well XD))

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Tania looked long into his watery eyes. Always they had this essence that made him look on the verge of tears. And she loved it. And in that moment something had her. It may have been his tone, or his voice, but it rushed over her like a wave of heat. She swallowed hard and leaned across the counter, cupping her hand barely touching his cheek. Her lips met his. Very lightly, but for a long time. She pulled back and drew in a shuddering breath, realizing how much her heart was racing. Yet she didn't drop her hand. "I'm sorry. " her soft, hot breath, with its heavy French vowels, hit his face. "I shouldn't have done that"

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somebody | 142 comments "You don't have to be sorry. Its nothing you could have helped. I just wish there was a way I could've. I left you in the dark for so many years. I just wished I knew about you sonner. Always were moore beautiful than I thought I'd be able to get." He chuckled nervously, looking into her eyes and biting his lip. Everything felt right to him, or rather. She felt right to him. And so far, that was the thought he kept his focus on. That she was right.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She set her jaw and then couldn't help but smile with a breathy laugh, her hands on his forearm. She couldn't believe it. He was dead. She knew she would wake up any second now and be alone in the kitchen. Another breakdown would then follow. A crack of thunder made her form a vise grip on his arm, as if afraid the storm would wake her up and take him away. When it hit her what had happened, she sat back and ran her fingers nervously through her long tousled hair. "Sorry"

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somebody | 142 comments Simon offered her a light smile, that just barely made it to his face. "It's alright." He stated a bit soft with a slight not of his head. Being more than alright in her holding him tightly, he wasn't ready to leave anyways. He didn't want to go so quickly, and he wouldn't. "Jonathan...? Is he alright?" He asked her, not entirely sure he got the name right, John had pretty much confused him along the way of what his son's name was, regardless of the fact that he's said it a lot of times in the past. He wanted to make sure everything was alright, or rather, he didn't want any problems. Not at this point in time anyways.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She let go of his and gathered her hair into a high ponytail upon her head, her side bangs falling to her smooth and shallow cheeks. "Nate is fine" she smiled in genuine joy. "He thinks you're a knight in shining armor. He wants to be you when he grows up" she smiled, standing and draining the rest of her coffee as she rubbed her eyes and swallowed hard. She rinsed the glass out before turning back, her eyes on his back from where she was.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon smiled to her softly, liking that idea. Even if it was far off from who he felt he was. "It's good he has a role model then, even better when he sets his goals for perfect-Kids don't do that enough these days, just going for a pure easy path of average." He admitted, looking to her face, lowing how everything complimented her appearance so well. Those those eyes drove him off the edge, beautiful. And he had no doubt she knew she was, the way she was comfortable with herself in a such a way proved it without her having to say a word.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She closed the distance between them and forgetting his injury, forgetting herself. She held his face in her hands and turned her head to the side slightly. "Ghost." she breathed slowly in her accent, spearmint and coffee mingling on her breath. "There is nothing about you that is normal" she then caught herself and pulled back, turning away and looking out the window as her loose knit sweater moved around, showing her smooth skin beneath.

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somebody | 142 comments He sucked in a breath of air as he looked solemnly into her eyes, he wasn't entirely certain on what to do. His eyes took in every detail of her face as his hand slowly crept up and cupped her cheek. There was something off about it though, that radiated off of him. It wasn't exactly placeable by any means. He just inhaled a shaky breath looking at her as he studied her every feature. Memorizing it, slowly it felt more like he's seeing it all over again. It seems to familiar, a comforting feeling that spread throughout his body.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Her chest rose and fell calmly and evenly as her gray eyes watched him, and she exhaled slowly. "You never acted shaky and unsure with me before...Haven't lost your touch, have you Ghost?" She whispered, a small, coy smirk playing upon her features as she fought to keep control of herself. If only he could remember anything. That kiss. That dance. That night in Paris she had finally given in.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon felt himself chuckle at that. "Just feels strange, like daja vu? You know" He shrugged lightly with a small smirk on his face, kissing the tip of her nose. He felt his brain strain slightly as he tried to keep his thoughts straight as he felt a strange urge of something. "Does Paris mean anything to you?" He asked a bit quiet, leaning his head to the side slightly and biting his lip. He was just filled with a lot of questions, about everything, though he wasn't about to throw them all on her at the moment.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She bit her lip as her eyes watched his, as if worried he would hurt her, use this against her. But it was all in vain, for she knew that Simon never would. She took his empty tea cup and turned her back to him as she began to rinse out the left over tea stains. "It's where..." She swallowed hard and turned the water off as she watched the rain running down the window. "It was a long term mission. In Paris. We were arms dealers. 6 months. Simple. Get into the organization. Find the leader. Kill him. But that was where you finally..." She paused. She suddenly hated herself for never speaking English anymore. The words were gone. "Where you got to me. " she said finally.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She turned and studied him as she fell silent. He was familiar, yet everything about him seemed different. Was he the same at all? Could she bring herself to love this Simon? Would he love her? Her mind ran questions by her at an immeasurable speed as she ground her teeth. He seemed to lack all the obnoxious, a****le humor he used to have. The undeniable, frustrating charm that always managed to evoke a schoolgirl giggle from her.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon bit his lip as he looked at her. "Really?" It was all he managed out, it came as more of a relief to him. That he had some sort of recollection about it. That he actually got this girl and it somehow wasn't just some sort of cruel joke. He always knew there was a difference from him depending on the situation. If he hardly knew her and loosing her would have meant nothing, he could have already been at her. That much was obvious to him. Though seeing as he already felt a stronger attraction, he managed to not.

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