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Could the Notebook corrupt anyone?

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Mia R Do you think Light in particular was susceptible to corruption through the Notebook because of his personality, or do you think the average person wouldn't be able to resist corruption through the Notebook because of human nature?

London I think that the average person, like Near said, would generally be horrified by the power of the deathnote, but would be tempted to use it. If anyone came unguided across that power, they would probably use it to get rid of more personal enemies, maybe over petty things. However, Light takes this and sets it on a far more massive scale, that is getting rid of all the evil people in the world. Not only is this a daunting and impossible task, Light is arrogant enough to disillusion himself and think he is a god.
The author actually does a good job of analyzing human nature concerning the deathnotes, especially in the monologues made by L and Near

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