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Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)
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Here you can discuss Pivot Point.

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Lavonia Reid (ardella) I really loved the idea of this book. It had a hint of syfy but it was mixed in really well. There was enough for me-I am a huge syfy fan-but not enough to set people who don't like syfy running for the hills. And like I said I really love the concept of this book, being able to see into the future always has a price tag on it. It's one of the themes that exist in every piece of literary or film that address this topic. Addie is your basic lovable main character who you really want to route for. And the 'main conflict' is centered around Addie's parent's getting a divorce and her having to choice which parent she has to live with. And with her ability to look into the future the choice should be easy right? Of course not, if it were this book would be completely boring. WIth the two paths Addie has to choose from problems beyond what Addie would have imagined arise. This book is really different and I think that what is sets it apart from a lot of the rest of the books I read with teenagers with *powers*.

Tiffany | 60 comments I really liked this book. But there were certain things I could figure out where going to happen before they did. I really like how it was written since it went back and forth between the two stories. And you knew both were going to be bad in some way to make the choice more difficult. But I was glad in the way it ended. Comparing Trevor to Duke as the love interest was no comparison. So I was glad it left off with the possibility of things working out for Addie to be with the right guy.

A Book Vacation (abookvacation) I would like to read this, but it isn't available in my library!!! Erg.

Danielle (dnareads) | 31 comments I just finished this and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I like how even though she can see which path to take in the future, she couldn't really change what happens. I think that adds more weight to the decisions that she makes. I also like how it showed in the alternating paths where you can see how certain things still happened regardless of the path just modified a bit by her choice of living with her Mom or her Dad. I am really looking forward to reading the next book when it comes out.

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