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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments At a separate location, yet still used for high level operatives recovering.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon rested his head back onto the bed, hearing the heart monitor slowly beep. It slowly drove him crazy just sitting there, the fact that he had to have it killed him even more. He wasn't supposed to do bored games, video games, read much either, nothing that could put stress on him and more importantly his brain. He was supposedly lucky to still be alive, though living in here was worse than any hell he ever heard of.
Iv's stuck into him and the room completely blank, they even took the TV out just so he wouldn't get hurt any worse. The bullet, it was close to killing him, and his right arm was burned along his forearm. Supposedly he went through a lot though all he could really think of was how much he just wanted to risk it all. How much he wanted to simply get up and get on with his life. But he wasn't in any position to really kill himself at the moment, not when the person next to him had died. It was like a mental promise to him that he wouldn't. Even if it was a little stupid.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John strode down the hall in his usual Scotsman's swagger, rolling his eyes when the nurse at the front desk asked for his clearance badge. He flipped his dog tag over, showing her the 141 insignia carved into the thin metal, and she had quickly nodded, pressing the entrance button. His white tee hung loosely about his muscular chest and his jeans were dirty. He hadn't shaven in days, but at the moment the only thing present on his mind was how his best friend was indeed alive. Not only that, he was going to see him.

He rounded the corner and saw Simon sitting, generally helpless, in a hospital bed, stripped of everything but the wretched paper gowns they had here. He knocked on the metal door frame, though the glass door was standing open, a wild smirk on his face as he watched his eyes. "I'm gonna be sad if you don't remember me, Ghost" he called in his rough Scottish accent, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon's eyes widened slightly as out of instinct bragged the closest thing he could which was a phone. Not that it would help much, but he hadn't the slightest idea who this guy was who just came into his room. "Why would I know you..." He questioned, raising an eye brow to her. At the moment the safest thing he could do is assume everyone as the enemy. Not that he wanted to, seeing as this guy didn't look all that dangerous. But some man walks into your room after you were shot in the head. Kind of makes you wonder about these things. The loosely fitting hospital gown pretty much exposed his whole back side. Not something he was entirely happy about.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John's face softened and he ran his hand over his stubble, mulling over what to say next. He turned and shut the door behind them, sighing as he watched his friend's face. "Bloody hell what have they done to you mate." he paused a long while. "I served with you while you were in Task Force 141. We were...best mates" the light dissipated from his eyes and his brow furrowed as he watched the shell that used to be his friend.

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somebody | 142 comments "I'm sorry.." Simon gave an apologetic look, running his hands through his short hair the best he could, his hand running into the wrap that stopped his head from bleeding even to this point. He hated that look on his face, knowing he couldn't remember his own best friend. Hell he couldn't even remember his supposed wife. Or family. Name really. All he knew himself by, was Ghost. It was a shame really. He frowned his eye brows together giving him a look, curious as to what was going to happen to him at this point. Would he even get better from this point?

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John let out a short laugh and seated himself in an overstuffed hospital type chair at the end of the bed. "Well Ghost. I'm not going to gloss it over. The doctors said... Well... They said you were screwed up and they didn't know if you would get better or not. I'm here to help you remember. " he glanced over his shoulder and stood, drawing the blinds down so no one could see in. "Sorry. " he muttered, lighting up a cigarette and puffing. "So. What do you want to know?"

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somebody | 142 comments "Everything." Simon stated, whether or not it helped the man. It was the truth at this point. "About my life, what you do know anyways. I doubt I had a diary, don't feel like the type anyways" He forced a light chuckle, despite the fact that it hurt. He grimaced, closing his eyes and squeezing them tightly shut for a moment. Getting a slight flash of white and an image or two, though it was more of a dead John than the one alive right here. Must've been due to stress, or at least, that's as far as he got on his trail of thinking.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John rolled his eyes and coughed as he exhaled again, playing with his dog tags. "You're gonna have to be more specific mate" he mitterrd

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somebody | 142 comments "I don't know anything! If you forgot everything, wouldn't you want to know everything? How about....I don't know.." His face scrunched up slightly at he thought. "How do I know you" He sighed, well, he knew this guy was his friend. "And have you ever died-" He cut himself off from finishing that statement, seeing as he was alive right there in the flesh. "Never mind that" It was frustrating not to know things, like who you were or who you knew.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John laughed, tapping off the ash of his cigarette into a trash can as he exhaled. "We've worked together now for ten years. You fight terrorists, Ghost. I'm your best mate. And yes. I was pronounced dead in Russia on a mission. I was found by an elderly woman and nursed back to health, however" he finished, nodding in punctuation. "I have a feeling we'll be here a while" he laid across the chair, propping his boots on the end of the bed.

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somebody | 142 comments Simon couldn't help but laugh, mostly because it felt like a tiny rebellion from his doctors at the moment. John smoking in front of his oh so sick body they'd probably kick him out for dragging in dirt particles if they could. Though the dead thing was pretty interesting, it meant he had somewhat of a memory he could pry from.
"At this rate I might just have a chance at remembering some stuff." He resting back, his arms behind his head in a slight flex, propping himself up better than the hard pillow did.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments He smiled, his eyes glistening at the fact that his old friend might be coming back. "Yeah well. You've got a f***ing long road ahead Ghost" he smirked, clearing his throat. "What else, oh curious one?"

((Sorry I'm ghosting a bit))

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somebody | 142 comments ((Tis alright, I'm making two characters at the moment, one for another roleplay that I haven't worked on in over a week.))

Simon smiled a bit cheekily, looking down as he thought. He looked down to his hands, remembering the ring as his head looked up. "I..am married right? Or was I really that gay that I wore a weeding ring anyways?" He chuckled slightly, though honestly was a tad bit worried about that. Seemingly, that f*cking long road will just have to wait a while.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments John looked down and smiled, rubbing the back of his neck and setting both his boots on the floor as he took a long while to blow out smoke. "D**n. I was hoping you wouldn't remember and I could steal her. " he looked back up with a light chuckle, though his insides ached for the woman he loved like a sister, knowing how much she had missed "the only man she'd ever loved" and that he couldn't even remember her. "Yes, Ghost, you're married"

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somebody | 142 comments He nodded his head, biting his lip at that. More questions popped into his mind. Mostly surrounding the fact that he wanted to meet her, though he knew that wasn't probably the smartest of things to do. She would expect him to remember something he couldn't and things would probably go down hill though fast. Though he knew that he would meet her again at some point. He managed a chuckle though. "How old am I again, I'm just sort of hoping at this point that I'm not old as f***k." He admitted, closing his eyes.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Soap laughed loudly in his raspy voice. "Twenty six. Not bad. " he paused abruptly a moment, considering whether to tell him, deciding he needed to know. "You have a son. His 6th birthday is in 3 weeks. He's named after me" he puffed his chest proudly before putting his cigarette out on the sole of his boot and tossing it in the trash as he pulled back the curtains again.

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somebody | 142 comments His first reaction was to laugh, mostly at how he puffed out his chest proud about that. He must've been really close for him to be named after his son. Then it clicked that he had a son, and suddenly, his life seemed to have ended a whole lot quicker. Whatever he was thinking at the time mustn't have been all that smart. Or maybe it was the fact that he didn't know know why he did any of that, that really got to him. "So then John...." He still wasn't entirely sure of his last name, least not at the moment.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments "McTavish. But you can call me Soap. " he laughed and pulled two sticks of gum from his popping it. "Oh and don't worry. You're little one isn't stuck with my bloody bore of a first name. It's Jonathan. For him, it's Nate. " he sighed and glanced at the watch face on the inside of his wrist. "Anything else mate?"

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somebody | 142 comments "Why? Do you have to be somewhere?" Ghost raised an eye brow, catching how he looked to his watch before asking, trying to analyze it the best he was able to. Sure he had a lot more questions, but he didn't want to scare the bloke away with a million questions being asked one after enough for 5 hours straight before allowing him to answer. He knew he wouldn't mind being alone so much, as long as it wasn't forever.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Soap sighed. "Sadly mate. Yes. I wish I could stay and answer your million questions. " he shrugged. He strode to his bedside and set down a smartphone and laid the other stick of gum on top of it. "Well. Call me. That's your phone. I know it's not allowed. But I figure when you've been MIA for nearly five years you could use something for fun. Or to.... Answer your questions" with that he strode to the door, opening it before turning back, his face stern and body stuff as he saluted him. He then relaxed and gave him a wink before disappearing.

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somebody | 142 comments Ghost sighed, looking back up to the ceiling. Least he could know was were the lad was going, though he hadn't asked in time. His eyes shifted over to the smart phone, something about it just seemed relatively familiar though he couldn't place it. Sighing again as he closed his eyes just resting back and pretty much planning on forcing himself to remember.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments ((hmmm now what))

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somebody | 142 comments ((I don't know... /: Trying to think here))

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments ((Ugh me too. Time skip maybe?))

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somebody | 142 comments ((Yea, sure. I suppose that's the best thing to do))

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments ((So you want soap to come back? Or skip to him at Britannia's house?))

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somebody | 142 comments ((Um, which ever you want I suppose. If you're eager to get Ghost to appear a bit shaky at her door step I'm all for it))

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments ((Lol sure let me post her there first!)

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somebody | 142 comments ((Sure XD))

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments ((DONE))

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somebody | 142 comments ((And now I'm DONE!))

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Ken (kensamcampo) Sandman, who to his family is/was known as Leonidas, lay there in the infirmary. He only vaguely remembered what his family looked like. He couldn't remember what his call sign was, in fact, he hardly remembered anything at the moment. He was a forgetful man, but this to him almost felt like he had amnesia or something like that. He didn't remember any of his children's names or his wife's name. He couldn't even remember that he was even married.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Julia's heels clicked on the clinical white tile of the infirmary. Her powdered cheeks were red with emotion. She was wearing a gray pencil skirt and purple blouse, a houndstooth frock coat in her arms, as it wasn't that cold inside. She was put together neatly as always, but was a mess inside. She was going to see her husband, who was supposed to be dead. From her nursing experience, she knew he wouldn't remember much, yet couldn't help but hope he would remember her. Her left hand rested on her stomach, her fourth time in maternity clothes. She shakily showed the woman at the front desk her visitor's pass. The elderly woman smiled and nodded, guiding her down the hall and opening the door to Leonidas's room. "Mr. Reed? Your wife is here to see you," she smiled as Julia walked in warily, her eyes on him.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Sandman said nothing, he looked up at Julia, but all Sandman could remember was what she looked like. It was frusterating, but he couldn't seem to even try to remember. Then he looked around, "Where am I?" was all he said at first. He looked around, everything seemed to function like normal, but how was it that he didn't die. He knew what it felt like to have someone you were friends with die. He tried again, and this time he was able to at least remember that he was married, but that was it, Frost and Price were still not memerable.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Julia swallowed and paused a long time before giving her answer. So he did have memory loss. And a lot, it seemed. She crossed the room to his bed side, setting her bag on the nightstand. "You're in the hospital, dear," she smiled, reading his lips. She cringed inside at the thought that he might not remember sign language, as she despised talking.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Then he remembered sign language, Frost, and Bravo 6. But that was as much as he could remember besides the fact that he was married and that his wife's name is Julia. He did sign language for What happened to Derek and John? Are they ok? . Sandman wondered if frost and Bravo 6 had made it back alive as well. Sandman was sure they both had died, but he wasn't sure if the two had actually made it back or not in one piece. While waiting for an answer, Sandman started remembering the names of his three children, how old they were, everything else seemed to be coming back to him as well.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Julia frowned, looking up as if trying to remember. Was he talking about work? He must've been, considering the fact that she didn't know these names. He must've forgotten that it was all classified, and he never spoke of it. Which, no that she thought about it, was quite an odd way to live. But he had always come home, put his stuff down and asked about her day. {Lo, I don't know who those men are} she signed back, then wondered if he remembered being called Lo.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Sandman quickly changed the subject and asked how Julia's day was. Meanwhile the rest of his memory was slowly comming back. He waited for an answer. He was worried something might have happened to Evan, Ellah, or even Micah, they were still young, especially Ellah. Sandman started to remember what his call sign was and his nicknames and that he had pets and finally after all that, he remembered being called Lo.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She sighed, her eyes sparkling as she reached and took his hand. {fine. Uneventful. I haven't told the kids that you're.... Alive} she signed with a pause, dropping her hand to his again. She sighed once more and bit her lip as her eyes lingered upon him like those of a young woman, her berry red lips full. "God, I've missed you!" she said, so desperate for him to know that she said it in a hurried voice, gripping his hand.

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Ken (kensamcampo) He asked about the dogs. He smiled and was glad to be back. "I missed you too Julia" he replied, happy that everything back home was fine while he had been away at work. He missed the dogs too, and wondered if they were fine as well.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She gave a light laugh and shook her head. He had just come back and was worried about the dogs, of all things. {Oh...they're fine} she smiled as she signed, leaning down and digging through her bag, pulling out a small, folded piece of notebook paper. {You've been gone for four months and the kids have missed you terribly. Ellah drew this} she produced a rudimentary stick figure drawing. {She says it's you and her} she then made a face as she glanced at her phone. {I need to go pick them up from the nanny's house} She leaned down and kissed his forehead, biting her lip as she closed her eyes.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Sandman smiled at the drawing. In Sigh Language he replied, {It's nice}. He nodded and then said {I missed them, but eventually you should tell them that i'm alive.} Sandman looked around the room again and more memories were coming back, until all of his mind was back, it took a while, but he was able to recover from Memory loss. He still wondered about a lot of things, but half of them he wasn't sure what to do with, only that he worried about it, but that was enough for him to make sense of the things he worried about.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She nodded and laid her phone back in her purse, closing it and slipping it back on her shoulder, giving him a sad smile. The last thing she wanted to do at the moment was to let him out of her sight. Yet she had to. She gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. {I love you} she signed quickly before turning and walking from the room as she played with her hair sadly.

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Ken (kensamcampo) He smiled again at her. Sandman looked around the room again. He was happy about it. Then he signed back quickly {I love you more}. He thought about everything he remembered after Julia left the room. Sandman looked around the room again. He continued to look around the room.

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