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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Brittania worked at a punching bag, her hands taped up as she set the bag swinging wildly with each hit, screaming in connection as she swayed this way and that to dodge its back swing. She set her face in concentration. She was dressed only in her spandex shorts and camo sports bra, her hair in a high ponytail and swinging wildly. The only one in the room, she had 80's rock blaring to a deafening volume.

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somebody | 142 comments Barbie walked into the workout room, black running shorts loose around his body as well as a semi tight grey tank top. A water bottle was held firmly in his grip along with a pure white towel that was mostly draped over his right shoulder. He wanted to shout over the music that just because she was alone didn't mean she had to shake the building. Though he worked on ignoring that as he entered himself into the boxing ring. Planning on practicing his balance, agility, as well as everything else he could do in there. Setting down the water bottle to the side and the towel down as well, he walked over to the middle. Positioning himself as if he was about to fight, his mind mentally creating an opponent. Before dodging an imaginary punch, giving in upper cut, jumping back and punching out.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Tania's eyes followed his movements all the way to the ring, like the predatorial eyes of a cat. She turned the music off and picked up her navy blue towel, drying off as she stepped under the ropes and into the ring, taking the place of his imaginary partner. She went along with the clearly less experienced recruit's routine before boring of it and landing an easy blow to his jaw, smirking as she stepped back and blocked. This was what she loved best. Well, second only to sniper shooting

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somebody | 142 comments Barbie had smirked when she blocked. Wrong place to block missy. He thought, flipping his head over to the side to rid unneeded sweet and maybe a little blood before he dropped down swinging his foot as he caught her leg in his, knocking both her feet off the ground, and letting the rest of her take their old place. Jump taking a slight jump back from that.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She smiled from her current occupied position on the mat. "You're good kid" she laughed holding a finger up as she reached to her towel and slid in her orange mouth guard. She then made sure she was still sitting in the same position. "But watch" she then leapt up in a flip as her foot collided with his face.

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somebody | 142 comments He stumbled back slightly though during that time had grabbed the joint of her ankle, locking her foot as he twisted it enough to flip her. What was with her and wanting to destroy his face? Not that he minded all too much. "I'm easily your age, kid." He chastised.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She couldn't help a snort of laughter as she brought her foot back and kicked him in the chest, sending him staggering into the ropes as she pulled her hands to her chest, rolling over and leaping up. "25, to be exact, so no." she paused, and landed two heavily powered punches that curved into the weak space under his ribs, serving to knock the air from him. "And this is your first year on the force, so you'll always be a kid" she smirked, leaning back and dodging his return punch before landing a knee in him that knocked him to the mat.

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somebody | 142 comments "5 actually. I started when I was 18. So I won't exactly be a kid now would I" He managed to grab her wrist, yanking her down with him as he pinned her to the ground. A slight smirk on his face. "And I'm not the kind to just let girls win." Despite the fact that he was still trying to catch up to his breath, he still manged to look like it hadn't the slightest effect on him. Biggest mistake a person can make is to show weakness in situations like this, especially if they're real.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments She smirked. "But you only got moved up to the actual 141 because of this whole war. So yes- you're a kid." she glanced at the way he had her hands pinned. "And I'd seen more at age twelve than you've seen in your life, kid," she spat. She was quickly tiring of this game. She freed her right hand easily and landed a tiger punch to his throat to cut off his air momentarily, and freed herself, taking his head into her hand and slamming it into the mat, smirking evilly. With that she grabbed her towel and popped out her mouth guard as she hopped easily over the ropes, walking to the door with a quiet laugh on her voice.

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somebody | 142 comments Barbie picking himself up like it was nothing, looking over to the side of the ring and grabbing a left over pipe as he though it at an angle to that it barely missed her but manage to close the door and lock it perfectly. "Or maybe I'm just that good" He called back with a smirk, before resting back against the mat, knowing he's had worse during school at least. Drinking from a water bottle every so slightly before jumping out of the ring and swinging his towel over his shoulder.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Riley walked into the workout room. She walked over to the farthest corner and started to punch a bag. She looked around to see if anyone else was in the room, then when she saw that the coast was clear, she continued to punch the bag. Riley thought about her cousin and sister. Riley continuously punched the bag, over and over and over and over and over again and again and again, she never seemed to get tired of doing it.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Jaymes walked in, taping up his hands and dropping his towel and water bottle to the floor as he went to work on a punching bag, his dog tags flopping against his neck wildly with each powerful hit, the back swinging loudly on its un-oiled chain. He did not pause until the half hour mark, taking a drink as he glanced around the room, remarking how much it had changed.

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