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somebody | 142 comments Jack sat in the lounge room, his legs crossed as he sat down by the fire, rubbing his hands together. His black suit held to his body tightly, pretty much showing himself off. He liked to look classy, he liked to look that way because he liked to feel that way. He was waiting for his best friend, needing to tell her something important, regarding another one of her other friends. Tyler. God did that guy manage to get him to feel something different, maybe it was the reactions on her nerdy little face, or possibly how smart the guy was. Well, what ever it was he loved the guy. Now, he's been openly gay since he was 11, and he usually made sure everyone else new at that rate. He still felt cold, even despite how warm it was outside to the average person.

squirrel-cheeks Tammy walked in and looked around for Jake, she saw his black jacket pecking for the chair and smiled, she walked to him and smile. {Hey, Whats wrong} she asked him sighing sitting down looking at him, she could hear nothing, her ear was completely blank, she had a worried face on as she saw his expression. She raised her eye brow, and gave a slight smile, because of his suite, she loved seeing him in in, not like that, they were friends, but she still did not understand the hole suite thing, it felt weird but they were weird. Tammy loved hanging out with him, and did it all the time, they were best friends and would be till the day they died.

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somebody | 142 comments ((Life long commitment you set up for them XD))

Jack smiled to her, biting his lip slightly before looking down. Guilty pleasures, guilty pleasures. He knew that if he wasn't gay they'd have been dating and going through all that teen pregnancy crap everyone else went through. They were soulmates, in a non romantic sort of way. And he preferred it that way. {Got a little issue, Tam} He sighed back to her with a slight sigh. Her pursed his lips to a thin white line, almost like he didn't want to go on. Her just called her Tam, seeing as it was shorter and cute. Also reminded him of a guy which, for some reason, was comforting.

squirrel-cheeks {What,} she asked him raising a eye brow, what was the issue. Tammy never known him to be all weird, and have a issue and if it was it was not small, at all. She remembered one time, when he said he had a small one and he thought he killed someone, but he didn't, and he liked freaked out, it was weird, {Did you kill the government, or a spy, or my mum, or..or did you kill the President, because you know you have to check there pulls, and if you did, and there's none, then I will see you in like 6 year Jake} she sighed.

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somebody | 142 comments Jake sighed, looking down. Course, this one actually wasn't as big. And how could someone kill the whole government anyways? After all they still were sort of part of it. {No} He gave her a look before rolling his eyes slightly, his hands moving in sync with his mind. {I just sort of....Kind of....Possibly...Like...A guy....And I know that shouldn't be news to you but I haven't liked anyone in years! I flirt sure but this is different, Tam! Different!} He exclaimed with his eyes really, his hands moving fast.

squirrel-cheeks {Oh, ok, good, I mean,.. who} she could not help but ask she wandered who like who there were guys here, and she had not seen him flirt at all, she started to imagine it, but then stopped it looked weird. She still was wandering who it was he was taking a while to speak was it bad was it her dad, wait that could not happen right, or was it the pizza boy that he saw yesterday, she started to think, but nothing popped out.

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somebody | 142 comments Jake knew for a fact he did, and if my sister bothered to at least read his personality, she'd know that. He shrugged his shoulders slightly, not exactly wanting to admit everything out in the open. It was just how he did things.
{Starts with a T} He stated to her. Wiggling his eye brows through he doubt she'd get it, and if she did then she didn't show it much in how she looked. Now he didn't want to be that kind of guy who fanguys over every cute guy he sees, though he will go and hit on them. However, this guy was just different. That's the best thing he could say about Tyler.

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