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Should I Even Read The Book???
Olivia Gavin Olivia Aug 31, 2013 05:57PM
I saw the movie 'The Host' and loved it, but from what I've heard it is extremely boring and over-written like all of Stephenie Meyer's books are. So my question to you is: Should I read the book or not??

I think The Host has been drowned by the ugly reviews from Twilight. It was a better read than the Saga. It did not irritate me reading as New Moon or Breaking Dawn did.

Give it a try. and see it for yourself

If you loved the movie, then reading the book will be a million times better for you because in comparison, the book is so much better in regards to description, comprehension, musicality, development, and complexity.

The Host is definitely sluggish for the first few chapters because it's more like the opener, the section that sets up the scene and time for the rest of the book, but even though it's slower paced it's definitely worth reading because it sets up the introduction well.

I'm not sure what to say about the "overwritten" thing except that people have different opinions and different preferences of what kind of style of writing they like- so when choosing a book, it's really best just to read something and decide for yourself whether you liked it or not and not what other people say because they may not like something you like and vice versa. But also, I will say that the writing in The Host is definitely different from the Twilight series.

And by the way- most people usually finish The Host in like a week so if you read this and you like it, that's great :D , and if you don't- it's not like it was this huge long onerous task. So don't sweat it.

I think it was really good. It was so fun and easy to read.

Amy I read the book a few years ago and saw the movie recently on netflix. The movie was a thousand times better than the book. What I hated about the boo ...more
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Going from watching the movie to reading the book is going to be a little different for obvious reasons, but by all means, at least give it a try!

It took me a while to finish The Host, but I stuck with it and actually really enjoyed it. Like Zoe said, the first chapters lead to a slow start, and at times it may seem like the story tends to drag; however, I thought it was worth reading. If you genuinely liked the movie, I'm sure you'll like the book if you give it a try! :)

I love the book, it's better than the movie, which was also little boring for me. You should read it.
In the book there are more characters and it's more touching than the movie.

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Realy good book - itspecialy that alians in it wasnt your usual homisidal monsters. This way the line betwean the good and the bad isnt so clearly defined and it somehow makes it more realistic.

YES!! Defiantly read it's amazing. Much better than the movie! Don't let movies rethink your book interests, the books are always better!

Read the book. No kidding.

Olivia wrote: "I saw the movie 'The Host' and loved it, but from what I've heard it is extremely boring and over-written like all of Stephenie Meyer's books are. So my question to you is: Should I read the book o..."

The book was great read! Much better then the Twilight books, it kept my attention and it wasn't as boring as the twilight series. Besides that, the movie missing a lot of beautiful detail that the book has in it, like most movies do, though the movie did keep well to the book.

Surprisingly, this is one of my favorite books I've read. I couldn't believe it was the same author as the twilight series. (Granted, her writing got progressively better, but the first two books were pretty bad) I had a bad feeling about the movie, but watched it anyway...I absolutely HATED the movie. It was terrible in comparison to the book.
Needless to say, NEVER judge a book by it's movie.
Especially when it's an absolutely terrible movie.

Hey there. I actually liked 'The Host'. I thought it was way more interesting and more mature than any of her 'Twilight' books.
I didn't find it boring at all, but then again, I haven't seen the movie either.

I liked the book, and thought it was well written. It was thought provoking, and entertaining, but it didn't push me to see the movie. I picked it up just to see what kind of sci fi Meyer could write, even though I didn't read her twilight series, and didn't like those movies (I only saw the first).

It gave me an interesting idea to write about, myself. When I get a chance.

Haidi (last edited Sep 09, 2013 03:51AM ) Sep 09, 2013 03:51AM   0 votes
YES, read the book, one of my favourite reads in a long time. Loads better than the movie, because it can describe the extreme emotions in so much more depth than a not-even-2-hour movie.

I really loved this book, much more so than the Twilight series. I recently saw the DVD and didn't mind it, but as with most movie adaptions you miss some of the best parts of the story due to time constraints and limitations of script etc. read and enjoy!

The host is so much better than the Twilight saga. It has an interesting plot without romance oozing out of every line. I really liked it.

Yes! It is so good! People keep saying it's just like Twilight. Love triangle. No. It's not. It's 4 different people. Guy A is in love with Girl A and Guy B is in love with Girl B. Both girls just happen to be in the same body. I love Twilight a lot, but it is no comparison to The Host. The Host is amazing. Every time I hear the song 'Radioactive' I want to cry because it reminds me of The Host and how amazing both the movie and book are.

I loved the book, but thought the movie was really boring. The first few chapters of the book was a bit slow, but after that it got really interesting. Would really recommend reading it.

This was an interesting book to read, it started a deep thought process for me. About 1/2 way through you will hit a reading wall for about a chapter or two then this book becomes really good again. I have meet several others that either put the book down or stopped at that point. but push through it. I can't really put my finger on what happened that caused that to happen but I know it just wasn't me...
I have not seen the movie, not sure if I want my reading visions shattered.

I enjoyed the Host, both the book and movie (love Max Irons). I found that the movie was very different than the book, but as we all know, books have a descriptive way of giving you insight and internal monologues that can't be transferred to the silver screen, plus parts of the book were changed. I highly recommend reading it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

This book was good ... and if you liked the movie than iam 100% sure you will like the book...

Read it and decide for yourself if it was worth it or not. I liked the book enough, I finished it, bought it, and I've seen the movie. It was a great book.

Yes it is worth reading, though I don't recommend it for people looking for a light read

The book's story had a lot of potential but Meyer's bad writing just couldn't execute it well at all. There are thousands of much better novels out there. Don't waste your time with the 600 pages.


DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE FIRST - it ruins the moral of the book unfortunatly

once you finihs the book see the movie..

if you get tired of the book try to see the movie

if you don't like both of them, then do whatever you want :)

but the books HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TWILIGHT ITS INFINTE TIMES BETTER THAN THAT, there is a reason why it is a adults book and not Young adults book

I loved this book. It's a highly original concept and definitely a good read but is anyone else disturbed by the violence against women in this book?

OH Definitely read it. The book is SOOOO much better than the movie. Compared to the book the movie sucked.

I always find it hard to read the books after I have seen the movie, but this will definitely give you a much better look at the dynamic between the Mel & Wanda that I feel the movie lacked.

It's a beautiful book, even better than the movie so I'm sure you'll like it :)

I loved The Host! Totally different to Twilight! Yes the first few chapters are a little heavy however you suddenly click into the Melanie/Wanda relationship & everybodies reactions to them.I passed The Host onto other friends who hated Twilight yet loved The Hist! I haven't seen the film-unsure if I will! No mention of Walter in the film!?

I would say definitely read it. It's does take awhile to get in to least to me it did....but once you get further along it's worth it. I enjoyed it and of course was better than the movie. Don't compare it to Twilight by no means.

yes the movie is not so good as the book. but i think reading host will be much better than twilight series. though i found movie ok to watch i loved Ian in the book and when i saw jake abel acting as a good guy my heart melted. :)
Do read the book

One piece of advice before reading this book: forget Twilight and all the bad reviews of that saga, because this books has nothing to do with Twilight.It is a very good reading, and just go with a open mind, you'll certainly enjoy the book.

I love this book!! Its my absolute favourite. It may seem tall but I personally didn't feel bored.

Yes!! You should absolutely read it! It was the best book ever and was AMAZINGLY written!

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Definitely read it! I personally thought it was a lot better than the Twilight saga and if you liked the movie, then I think you'll like the books just as much. It was slow in the beginning of the book, but it didn't seem overwritten with the romance. If anything, I think it's read it rather than to take other people's opinions about it.

I thought the book was pretty good, the movie was "Ok." I liked the book better.

If you liked the will love the book. Because I think the book is so much better than the movie.

I actually wish you had read it first. It is one of my favorite books, but you will now be missing the surprises. I did in fact read the Twilight series and I enjoyed it, but The Host is so much better. For me I felt the anxiety of the character and I understood why she had strong feelings for both of the male characters in the story. Read the book.

I absolutely loved this book. It goes deep into the characters and it's so much better than the movie.

No don't bother reading the book it is so hypocritical, if I hadn't bought the book I wouldn't have even finished it. The book has since been donated to the library as I only keep books I like in my collection!

deleted user the book sucked plain and simple
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NO NO NO. Run far far away from it... It was horrible!

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