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message 1: by Christin (new)

Christin Ditchfield | 16 comments I'm the author of these 3 books. I'd really appreciate help getting my name added to the listings, so they show up in my author profile. Thank you!

(Can verify through and the publishers.)

message 2: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 572 comments I fixed the first one, but the other two show a different author (an organization) on Amazon.

message 3: by Roberta (last edited Aug 31, 2013 06:18PM) (new)

Roberta  | 83 comments In "More about the author" on Amazon for A Thankful Heart it gives Christin Ditchfield as the author. In "Product Details," Gospel Light is the Publisher and First Place 4 Health is the series. But the second book is not showing up on her profile.

message 4: by Christin (new)

Christin Ditchfield | 16 comments Thank you! I doublechecked -- my name/photo appear much further down on the page on amazon's listings for 2 and 3. The books also show up on my author page, but the corporation does take top billing. )

Thank you again for your help! :)

message 5: by Roberta (last edited Aug 31, 2013 06:32PM) (new)

Roberta  | 83 comments But they should all be showing up on your author profile on Goodreads. Maybe it takes a while.

message 6: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 1586 comments No, it was being hinky. The first one showed up under her profile, a GR author profile...the other two each showed up under a different author profile. I attempted to fix it, but it's not working. There were three different authors by the same name, and no, there were not extra spaces...I even tried copying and pasting the proper one into the field.

I finally got it to cooperate by deleting the author name, then readding it, and it came up as the GR author profile. All should be well, now.

message 7: by Christin (new)

Christin Ditchfield | 16 comments Thank you! I can see the 2nd -3rd books on my profile now. The first book (Praying Ephesians) does now show me as the author when searched by title, but it doesn't come up on a search of my name or on my profile... And the audio version still says "various" though I wrote/recorded it. Do you think that's another glitch or something that will show up eventually?

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