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Shae (tesalong) | 8 comments I'll probably just be writing a few random things in this space. There will be story ideas, thoughts, and other such things. So... Hi!

I should probably tell you a few things about myself. I'm somewhere between the ages of 15 and 27, love animals, writing, drawing, and artistic things. When I was a kid, I was unusually scared of aliens and ghosts, and I can completely blame the history channel for that.

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Shae (tesalong) | 8 comments Nice to meet you as well!
Just wrote this now, because I wanted to write something new and create a post here.
Gambling was not about winning, but losing.
When you bought a lottery ticket, you weren't spending your dollar in return for a million. You were actually buying a piece of paper that would never realistically get you anything better than the dollar you spent. But try telling that to a gambling addict, like my uncle, as he clutched ten of them in his hands.

"What the heck's wrong with you, kid?" He asked, looking bewildered after I had finished speaking. I got the feeling that he actually thought there was something wrong with me. "Don't you have any imagination? Any sense of optimism? Gambling is about the chance, the freedom. It's- It's like the American dream! Think about it: One of these tickets could be the winner." There was a light in his eyes as he spoke.

My uncle had bought hundreds of lottery tickets throughout his life, played at the casino whenever he got the chance, and never had I seen him win anything great. He had a good job, but drove a beat-up half broken down truck because he didn't want to waste any of his money on buying a new car. It wouldn't leave him enough money to gamble with.

"But none of them are." I responded quietly, steadily, because none of the were. They never would be.

He unlocked his front door, taking a moment to look down at me as I went in. "But you don't know that." He said in the same tone that I had used.

I sighed, and ignored his words, giving up on the conversation. He wasn't going to listen to me.

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^ Warning, spoiler has lots of spoilers!

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Shae (tesalong) | 8 comments I want to write an urban fantasy story with an ASPCA officer as the main character. So not only would he have to deal with the regular animals, but with unicorns and dragons and such as well! ^^
Also, am I the only one who thinks that if unicorns were real, that they'd be dangerous creatures? Think about it.
I'm a very self conscious person. I often second-guess myself or view myself in a harsh light. I think that maybe it also effects how I write. I may worry that a piece of writing that I've started isn't good and then decide to start writing something else, and the process starts over again. I ought to try and do something about that.

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