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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments <.b.>"Put a quote by your character here"<./b>
<.b.>Full Name<./b>
<.i.>Call sign<./i>

<.b.>Date of Birth<./b>
<.i.>Place Of Birth<./i>
<.i.>Sexual Orientation<./i>

<.img src="http://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="40" height="100" alt="description"/>
<.img src="http://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="40" height="100" alt="description"/>
<.img src="http://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="40" height="100" alt="description"/>
<.img src="http://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="40" height="100" alt="description"/>
<.img src="http://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="40" height="100" alt="description"/>

<.i.>Tattoos or Other Markings<./i>
<.i.>Dressing Style<./i>



<.i.>Languages<./i> (Two are required to join)
<.i.>Area(s) Of Specialization<./i>
<.i.>Preferred Weapons<./i>



MUST BE APPROVED BY ME! Take away all the dots to make it pretty!

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somebody | 142 comments description
"I'm not about to leave family behind, even if it means risking my neck and possibly even my freedom"

Full Name Elliot Barbra
Call sign Ranger

Date of Birth 12•31
Age Looks 19, is 23
Place Of Birth Manhattan, United States
Ethnicity(s) Caucasion, Asain
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Gender: Female, joined the task force as a Male though



(view spoiler)

As A Male

**Minus the red eyes, pretend they're blue**

Tattoos or Other Markings

Tattoo on her forearm
(view spoiler)

Dressing Style


(view spoiler)

Likes Music, Bragging, Family (a lot), Guys, Working Out
Dislikes Most girls, War, Orders, Laziness, Being a Girl

Elliot is a bit of a tomboy, or rather, like a real boy. She wanted to work on the force for starters, however her gender had held her back. She knew that if she took weight lifting and kept at working out she'd be able to pass herself off a a guy, already having lean muscle and such as well as adding padding where needed to end off the look. She wears a wig on top of that, the kind that isn't crappy and stays on perfect. She did it out of love, love for her family and love for freedom. And she didn't want to me left behind. She hates that idea the most, more than losing her freedom or being killed. She just doesn't want to be left behind and alone in the dark. And figured following her brothers would benefit her a lot, so against their better judgment, she went off when them.

She's extremely determined and rather sarcastic, she's never been one to really look for a relationship, but if she found someone she might be open to it. Though most likely will bounce off that and retaliate with hate in order to hide the fact that she'd simple scarred to fall in love and lose that person. She's smarter than the average person and is able to remember every single thing about her life. She ligit can't forget a thing, it's why she fears loosing what she has because she knows she'll be haunted by it forever. She was born remembering everything, from how it felt to how it smelled, dates, time, location, how it looks exactly, 100 number codes. A reason she's highly skilled on the field. She works great with numbers, however could never be a tech agent. Seeing as it's just something she entirely fails at, preferring to get to things hands on than to wait for something that might never happen.


Elliot was born to a well off family in Manhatten, she had a picture perfect life, she lived in a penthouse with the room with the best view of the entire city. She was able to go where she wanted when she wanted and had two loving parents and all the toys she could want. This lasted up until 9/11. You see, her parents were business men/women, working a partners, they were wealthy and extremely successful. As well as working on a plan that day at their work place of the twin towers, taking the one with that pretty little point. Giving some stupid presentation that would probably ruin the Earth more. Though Elliot wouldn't be able to tell that apart from anything, she barely recite the dictionary back then.

She was taken out of school at that moment and informed in the hall way about the incident along with a couple other kids, her getting the news that both her parents died different than the others who may have lost someone, something more like an Aunt or Uncle though. With most her relatives already being shunned from her parents, no one would take her in. Leaving her to move around foster care up until she was around 11. During that time she lost foster parents quickly, she would speak a month or so in one country, only to be sent to another. There getting a range of about 20 foster care people willing to take her. She was a bit out of control and often would throw small fits and get into trouble.

It was when she was 11 that one family member cave in, her Aunt Crissy. Bless that women heart because Elliot hated where she was. She always did. She didn't want to be given up and sent off again, she wanted someone to want her, it's why she acted out. Because she expected young so early. And here she was taken for good. Her aunt had 2 sons, Jack and Ryan. Both of whom looked a LOT a like, enough to confuse her for the first year on who they were. Though she was accepted, and they didn't get rid of her. It was something the women couldn't. Her uncle was in the Army at that time and was deployed out in Afghanistan, fighting the people who killed his little sister. Her mother.

For a while she'd get languages confused and speak one for one word than another for the next. Making her speaking un understandable for years. She grew close to the older boys, to the point she accepted those people as her family. They weren't rich, but they weren't poor either. She was average again, for once really. However, once Ryan was 18, he was the first to leave. The next year being Jack. Off to do the same thing. The same thing that she couldn't do. She didn't know how to do. And it hurt her to be left with her aunt, and it was around that time her Uncle had left for his last deployment, only to never return. She had to keep her held up and on her shoulders. Support her for a year. She realized she didn't want to be alone, she didn't want to be like her Aunt and be left by herself. And despite her guilt, had signed up for what her cousins did. Because she loved them, more than anything and being left behind hurt too much. She trained hard for 6 months before even daring to apply. Over the course of her life having taken various defense courses that now would come in handy.

Qualifications Start Basketball Player (don't think that helped much. She was one track during school as well as karate, judo, just about every form of martial arts, and an advance military prep academy over the summer where they mostly trained her like a spy in those movies. She can speak 52 languages and knows just about every one of those words, being able to write 23 more.

Languages 52 spoken fluently, 75 writing wise. To name a couple, English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Bulgarian, German, Russian, Prussian, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Irish.

Area(s) Of Specialization Interrogation, All out Assaults, Hand to Hand Combat, and Stealth.

Preferred Weapons Browning Hi-Power, Sniper Riffle, Throwing Knifes, Swiss Army Knife, Pistol, Most Automatic Weapons, anything really.

Organizations: (I don't know any! Help?)
Family: Her Aunt, And 2 cousins, Jack, and Ryan. Both soon to be on here.
Friends: Tyler O'Riley, Her Cousins
Enemies: Tammy Wilson, Russians, some German

Prancer & Comet


~No one sides her cousins, Tyler, and her Aunt know about her being a girl.
~I hope this counts

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Good! If she's straight why doesn't she just join as a girl though?

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somebody | 142 comments Well, you had Task force for this and just task member for the girls. Plus everyone else sees her as a guy. I was on the bridge about this.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Oh. I didn't realize! I will change the name. It just doesn't quite make sense if she's not trans, because they must undergo a physical exam.

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somebody | 142 comments Maybe she just has her ways, or knows the right people to get away with stuff like this?

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Alright. I think they would notice a diff though but whatever

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Where do you want to rp her and Brittania?

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somebody | 142 comments Uh, doesn't matter I suppose.

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somebody | 142 comments description
"What do you mean I can't play football in a tux! What are you! Crazy?"

Full Name Jack Barbra
Call sign: Bobcat

Date of Birth: 4•22
Age: 23
Place Of Birth: Nashville, USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian, African.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.



(view spoiler)

Tattoos or Other Markings: None
Dressing Style:


He ONLY wears tuxes, well most the time whenever he can really.

(view spoiler)

Likes: Men ;), Dressing up, Classyness, Working out, Teasing
Dislikes: Slobs, Most Children, Offensive Stereotypes

Jack is more like a player than a gay guy. He isn't afraid of getting dirty, or throwing a punch. However will maintain a classy state. More badass than girly. Who walks around, grabbing arses and hitting on guys. Regardless if they're gay or not and loves to watch as the gays blush or straights get offended. It's just in his person. He's over confident in himself and his abilities and knows his whole self perfectly enough to be able to do confront others about stuff like this. However he is just about perfect for the job he does. He's stealthy and an amazing liar as well as extremely athletic. He played football throughout high school.


Jake was born into a rather well happy family. His mother owned a garden shop. And his dad was a General in the Army. When he was 4 he figured out he was gay, well it was the first time now that he looks back that he had any real evidence of being gay. He was taken to a ballad and had fallen in love with the nutcracker, the male lead at the time. Not being able to keep his eyes off the dancer. Though he never fully admitted that he was gay to people until he was 12. His dad was a little p*ssy at first though eventually got over it. His mother accepted him from the start, having a sister who was a lesbian for a while now. His brother on the other hand hadn't spoken a word to him until a couple months latter where he caved in and missed having his brother around. Years down the road when he was about 15, his cousin had moved in with them. Her being a bit of a weirdo at first, though eventually warmed up to him. The two of them being close to the point of being almost like best friends.

However, when his brother turned 18 and left, Jack found that he missed him a lot more than he thought he would as he started rashly training himself to follow in his brother. And eventually when he turned of age, he did. And surprisingly made it into the program. Overly joyed about that fact as he left his family without much of a second thought to do something other than what his father had wanted.

Qualifications: Football, in a sense that he's strong enough to tackle, throw, catch instant movements, react fast, and run a team. As well as knowing Judo. Giving him better reflex skills, flexibility, and hand to hand combat skills.

Languages: He knows for Languages speaking wise, but only 2 writing wise. English, German, French, Spanish. Ca write in English and Spanish.

Area Of Specialization: On field work. Hand to Hand combat. Striking from a distance.

Preferred Weapons: Missile Launcher, Swiss Army Knife, Sniper Riffle.

Organizations: I don't know!!! :c
Family: His older brother, deasead father, cousin, mother
Friends: Just about everyone he meets in general, he's pretty likable
Enemies: None, save Homophobic
Pets: None


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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Great!! AAAhhhhh why are all the hot ones gayyy?!?!?!?!? You want to rp him and Britannia?

message 12: by somebody, General (new)

somebody | 142 comments XD I know! It's a shame! I'm making a straight guy if you want to hold off on that?

message 13: by Avril of Themyscira, Commander (new)

Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Sure!!

message 14: by somebody, General (new)

somebody | 142 comments They actually look rather similar to be honest, the two of them anyways. It's the gay ones older brother. :33

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Aaah okay gotcha lol

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somebody | 142 comments description
"And to think I was never a real fan of war"

Full Name: Zachary Barbra
Call sign: Barbie

Date of Birth September 5th
Age: 25
Place Of Birth: Nashville, USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian, African
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



(view spoiler)

Tattoos or Other Markings

A tattoo along his left arm, covering one of his...pecks
(view spoiler)

Dressing Style:


(view spoiler)

Likes: Family, Friends, Having A team, Being Leader (if I can do that)
Dislikes: Missing Links, Sluttyness, Know it alls, war

Zach was always a bit of a control freak. He likes being in control and handles it well. He's strong and responsible. And actually opposed to most relationships, save one night stands with strangers from time to time. He's brave and easily trusting as well as has a hard exterior. Looking like he can't be broken to most people. He isn't in this to play games, but morely to avenge his family's deaths caused by war in a way. He knows how to lead people and get them to follow behind what he thinks and plays that card well. And for the most part is slightly...Emotionless. Well, he appears that way anyways. For his family and closest of friends he doesn't act that way, in fact he's a bit soft if he were to be honest. Loving to be around people and keeping them safe. He's extremely funny and often times is liked for that fact alone. As well as him being extremely charismatic.


Zachary was the Barbra's first born son. His mother owned her own flower shop up in town, and his father was a general in the Army. He was raised to know from the start that he'd be getting himself into war, it's just what his fathers side has done for generations. Navy, Marines, Army, Air force. Every branch known to man kind his fathers had filled in. Meaning Zach was also to do that. As well as every man seemed to also die in war. Something Zach has taken as faith though plans on living long as he possibly can. At a young age, his aunt and uncle had died during a terrorist attack, the same aunt and uncle he spent Christmas with every year. For years he forgot they even had a child, up until the point that she arrived at his door step. Actually wearing a pretty little bow around her neck like she was a toy. His cousin. From the start he liked her, in a sisterly way of course, she was sassy as well as disobedient and didn't seem to have much of a care about what others thought long as they stayed. Which he liked. A couple years before then his younger brother turned out to be gay, and seeing as how everyone at school treated guys like that. He decided that if he just ignored it. His brother would be fine and no one would notice. However after a year of saying nothing to him, he caved seeing as he missed having his brother.

Years down the road when he turned 18, he sighed up for this. Everything he did most of his entire life was preparing for it. For him to apply and to be accepted. He knew without a doubt he would too. They would be stupid to say no. And over the years he worked himself up the ranks to the point that he might as well be in charge of his own little team. They trust him, a lot of people do. He's earned the respect of a lot of people and often times continues on to prove it even though he knows he doesn't have to.

Qualifications His whole life he was trained for this, he carries his fathers and ancestors paths completely and also carries that leader quality. He runs every day at least 10 miles straight and has taken various forms of martial arts through out his life as well as spending all his summers at a training academy in which his dad would sometimes teach at.

Languages He knows about 7 languages, verbal and visual. English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Russian and Swedish.

Areas Of Specialization From a distance shooting, major in combat, as well as 'dictatoring'.

Preferred Weapons Sniper Riffle, Machine Gun, Musket, Revolver

Organizations: Again, I'm sorry I don't know any! Q_Q
Family: His younger brother, cousin, dead father, and mother
Friends He has a couple friends thought mostly family.
Enemies The Teams enemies in general.
Pets None


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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Gah it's great!! I'll be back in like two hours! I have to go to lunch with my bf so sorry!!

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments I'll post in workout area now tho!!

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somebody | 142 comments Tis alright! Have fun! I should probably me on. But it'll me midnight by then and all so I'll try!

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somebody | 142 comments description
Price:"Go that's an order!"

Full Name Simon Riley (though all he remembers is Ghost)
Call sign Ghost

Date of Birth January 22nd
Age: 26
Place Of Birth: Manchester, England
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual



(view spoiler)

Tattoos or Other Markings:

A tattoo on his hand, he got it as more of a way of saying he survived.
(view spoiler)

Dressing Style:

(view spoiler)

Likes: Working out, Computers, Being Smart, Jokes
Dislikes: His Loss of Memory<, Scars, Idea of Being Weak, Being Dependent

Ghost is rather head strong and enjoys the idea of being dependent. He stands up for himself and others in just about every situation and often enjoys a good time. He's realistic and serious on his missions and hasn't the slightest problem in shooting down what they think and do. He's rather smart about things and extremely fit in most situations, he has fast reflexes and can often read others emotions even if he doesn't know them. He doesn't have a memory of his past life, though due to the fact that he was found with a wedding ring on his finger, he's guessing that he's married which bugs him all the more.


Simon had a very traumatic childhood at Manchester, England because of his heartless father. On most days, his father brought back dangerous animals and taunted him with them, even going so far to force him to kiss a snake or threaten to kill him with them. When he and his younger brother, Tommy, got older, Tommy would always wear a skull-mask at night to scare Simon. At one concert, his father had made him laugh at the death of a prostitute who was addicted to drugs. Simon used to just be an apprentice butcher at a grocery when he grew up. After the September 11 attacks occured, he joined the military. He was very good which got him into the S.A.S.
Return from the Military Simon came back home one day on January 2003, and found his family in a predicament. His mother was constantly getting cheated on and his brother was addicted to drugs. He opted to not go back to his life at the military until he fixed their lives. Going after Manuel Roba. Simon Riley Walk MW2G. Simon Riley after killing Roba.

Simon was pulled out from shipping out for an operation in Iran and was set to take down the Zaragoza Drug Cartel headed by Manuel Roba. When he and his team made their move and the Day of the Dead, the commanding officer betrayed them to the enemy. Getting three of them captured and brought to a torture and brainwashing facility. There, he had been driven mad and tortured. At one point, he was buried alive and left by his captors. He used this opportunity to escape and got back home.
It took him four months to recover from all of that but he was still having temper-management issues so he was not accepted back into the military. After having an episode with his former-colleague, Kevin Sparks, his entire family was killed by Sparks and Marcus Washington. He killed the perpetrators and went after Manuel Roba once more. He ambushed Roba's right-hand man, Gilberto and tortured Roba's location out of him. He arrives at Roba's compound and steals all of the information on the company and kills Roba. When he left, he was approached by General Shepherd and recruited into the Task Force 141 under the name of Ghost.

Ghost's final appearance is in "Loose Ends" where he leads a strike-team to search for Vladimir Makarov at his safehouse on the Georgian-Russian border. However, Makarov is nowhere to be found but the safehouse is loaded ( "a bloody gold mine" as Ghost said) with intel. Ghost along with Roach, Ozone and Scarecrow with sniper support from Archer and Toad, protect the DSM while it downloads information regarding Makarov's operations. As the team head to the LZ set up by Shepherd, Ozone and Scarecrow are killed by enemy mortars and Roach is injured. Ghost manages to get Roach to the LZ but Roach and Ghost are betrayed by Shepherd who fatally shoots Roach and Ghost in the head/chest at point-blank range with a .44 Magnum before he could use his ACR. Ghost's body is then thrown into a ditch and set on fire along with Roach's. However, he survived that, the bullet not hitting anything vital and him crawling to safety just in time. He lost most of his memory though and has been kept in the infirmary since.

Qualifications All of his past missions and stuff, again I don't know a lot but I know enough. He's been in and out of the military for some time, though did have anger issue.

Languages: He knows 11 spoken and 5 writing. English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, and Portuguese Spoken.

Areas Of Specialization: Killing, Stealth, interrogations.

Preferred Weapons: ACR, AT4, Browning Hi-Power, G18, Knife, M4A1 Carbine, M9, MK46, MP5K with Red Dot Sight and Silencer, Throwing Knife

Affiliations: 22nd SAS Regiment, Task Force 141
Organizations: Don't really know any
Family: All deseased, his mother, younger brother, and father
Friends: His team, and his wife.
Enemies: General Shepherd, Russians, Enemies of his Friends

Rascal-An ex military dog who'd retired already at the age of 3 due to the fact that he's lost a leg.



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Ken (kensamcampo) I like Ghost's quote with the curse word, that is so kool

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments AGH!!! Love him!!! How do you want to rp his return?!?

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somebody | 142 comments Thanks :)

Uh, he'd need to be in an infirmary so we're gonna need one of those. Right?

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Right!!

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments ""Here on out, we're for just one thing: REDEMPTION. FINALLY. BACK IN THE F****NG FIGHT."
John McTavish

November 3rd
Edinburgh, Scotland


(view spoiler)

Tattoos or Other Markings
He has various tattoos across his arms and chest
Dressing Style
(view spoiler)

Personality Soap is probably the most headstrong person you'll ever meet. He does what he wants, when he wants. However, he has an amazing talent for seeing the bigger picture and, due to this, is an outstanding leader. He loves what he does. Partly for the protection of his country, partly for the fun of it. Making wisecracks is his favorite pastime, and he never seems to get enough of it. Hardly the type to settle down, he has no trouble picking up women.

Joking Around
Playing poker

Serious Situations
Business events

(view spoiler)

Languages Knows 20, can write 10- English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi and Afrikaans

Area(s) Of Specialization Torture, Task Force Leader, Close Range and Closed Quarters Combat

Preferred Weapons M4A1 SOPMOD, AK-47, Ranger

Organizations none
Family all deceased
Friends The team in general, speciffically Ghost and Britta
Enemies Russian known terrorist groups
Pets none. Hates dogs.

Supposedly fell to his death on the way to kill Makarov. Was found by a Russian woman who nursed him back to health.

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somebody | 142 comments Nice, I love him. XD Doesn't seem all too serious now does he?

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Haha thanks lol!! So. Who do you want to rp together?

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somebody | 142 comments Wait what? Sorry, little confused at the moment by that XD Just found out how bad I suck at mini golf and I clubbed by mother in the face by accident. Little disoriented now.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments OMG!! Agh that's not a good thing, hope you're ok! :P
I mean do you want to rp Simon coming back with John, Britannia or both, or some other characters together?

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somebody | 142 comments I lost the golf by just about all 18 holes! I'm just surprised I didn't kill myself XD
I would have thought Simon wouldn't be allowed out of where he was until he remembered enough information to be able to live properly.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments Ah. Okay. So you don't want to start rping him yet?

message 32: by somebody, General (new)

somebody | 142 comments Well, I could. But I'd prefer him mostly staying in that one room with I suppose not that many visitors or maybe others on the team to jog his memory or something.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments So, who would you want to visit him?

message 34: by somebody, General (new)

somebody | 142 comments Anyone really, doesn't bother me which one.

message 35: by Avril of Themyscira, Commander (new)

Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments I'll say John, since Britannia hasn't been read in about him still being alive yet. I want her to be shocked.

message 36: by somebody, General (new)

somebody | 142 comments Okay, fair point XD He'll just show up at her door step with a note or something pronouncing her name wrong.

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Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments YES!

message 38: by Avril of Themyscira, Commander (new)

Avril of Themyscira | 218 comments I'll send soap though

message 39: by somebody, General (new)

somebody | 142 comments YES, let the suspense build.

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Ken (kensamcampo)
Leonidas Kevin Reed
Sandman (he does not even remember that this is his call sign), Metal 0-1,
G13 (Screen name)

April 26
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.


(view spoiler)

Shot wounds (In Down the Rabbit Hole)
1970 Dressing Style

Personality Sandman, is sometimes forgetful and he is kind. Caring, smart and he loves war. He loves fighting and often scares people sometimes.
Likes War
Dislikes People getting killed.


On October 8th, 2013, just 2 days before his 44th birthday, Sandman served alongside Captain John Price, John "Soap" MacTavish, Simon "Ghost" Riley, Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Derek "Frost" Westbrook in a joint Task Force 141/Delta Force mission in the Ukraine, codenamed "Operation Kingfish".

Sandman and Derek "Frost" Westbrook were positioned on a hilltop overlooking a facility belonging to Vladimir Makarov with a Barrett .50cal whilst Task Force 141 members, approached and entered the facility.

It turned out to be a trap, and the joint team had to extract hastily. Soap was wounded in a nearby explosion during the escape, causing the rest of the team to have to carry him to the evac point, with Price staying behind to cover them as they escape. The whole team escaped, except Price who was captured and sent to a Russian Gulag.

Sandman served in the United States Army under the Delta Force unit Team Metal, leading a team of experienced soldiers in World War III against the Russian army.

On August 17th, 2016, Team Metal, was assigned to destroy a Russian Electronics Jammer on the roof of the Stock Exchange. Facing heavy resistance, Sandman and his team manage to disable the Jammer, evacuating aboard a Black Hawk helicopter. They were then pursued by a group of Mi-24 Hind gunships in the skies above New York, in which Frost destroyed.

Team Metal is then grouped with a squad of Navy SEALs to take control of a Russian Submarine (acting as a command vessel). Sandman and Frost sneak aboard the sub after an underwater insertion through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and re-program the missiles onboard to launch onto the Russian fleet, effectively crippling Russia's seaworthiness and forcing them to retreat as Sandman and Frost make their escape via Zodiac.

On October 6th, 2016, Team Metal was later assigned to a hostage situation in Hamburg, Germany involving the Vice President of the United States. They were inserted onto the beach via Black Hawk and had to fight up with M1A2 Abrams tanks against RPG fire. They fought their way through to a parking garage, whereupon Carter was shot by a sniper. The team fought through the garage and continued on foot to the convoy after Rhino 2 was disabled. They were narrowly saved from death by a enemy T90 tank because of Rhino 1. They followed a trail of blood to a room in an office, which they breach and recover the Vice President. The mission succeeded and the Vice President was extracted safely.

On October 9th, 2016, Team Metal get sent to Paris, France to capture Makarov's bomb maker Viktor "Volk" Khristenko after receiving intel from John Price. While in Paris Team Metal also get orders from Overlord to rendezvous with and provide backup to the GIGN forces led by Sabre. After meeting up with the GIGN forces, they fight through to the catacombs and eventually find Volk. Volk escapes and after a chase through the streets of Paris they capture Volk alive. They then take Volk to the extraction point with air support from an AC-130. However, the extraction point becomes compromised and they have to travel to their secondary extraction point which was near the Eiffel Tower. Receiving air support from the AC-130, they managed to successfully extract Volk.

After receiving intel from Price that Makarov is going after President Vorshevsky's daughter Alena from her hotel in Berlin, Sandman is deployed to Berlin along with Team Metal to prevent Alena's abduction.

Team Metal is inserted into a war-torn Berlin, where they are tasked with providing overwatch for Team Granite, who is going into the hotel to secure Alena. Team Metal is dropped off on a nearby office building, and Sandman fights his way to the rooftop alongside the rest of Team Metal. Sandman tasks Frost with various objectives while providing overwatch, including taking out enemy reinforcements suppressing Granite, and eliminating enemy tanks arriving at the hotel using strafing runs.

After Team Granite is wiped out by an explosion, Team Metal is retasked with securing Alena. Sandman and Team Metal rappel down the office building and advance on the hotel with the assistance of a German tank column. However, the Russians detonate a building rigged with explosives, sending it crashing down on Team Metal and the tank column.

When Frost comes to, Sandman guides him through the ruins of the collapsed building. Eventually they manage to reach the hotel, and Team Metal advances through the hotel, eliminating hostile reinforcements along the way. As Sandman and Frost prepare to breach the room Alena is held in, the door suddenly explodes, knocking both of them down. Frost uses Sandman's pistol to take out the Russian enemies.

Sandman and Frost rush into the room, but Alena is unfortunately carried away on a Russian helicopter. Grinch tries to take a shot, but is stopped by Sandman, who states that they have failed their objective. Sandman contacts Overlord to inform him of the bad news.

Qualifications Part of Task Force 141, before it was not needed, and languages and his load of weapons
Languages English and Russian
Area(s) Of Specialization Weapons and Equipment
Preferred Weapons M4A1, MP5, M16A4, Five Seven, Desert Eagle, ACR 6.8, RSASS

Affiliations Delta Force and U.S. Army
Organizations Task Force 141
Family Another kid is on the way.
Micah (9; son)

Evan (5; son)

Ellah (2; daughter)

Julia (34; Wife-Pregnant)

Friends with Task Force 141 (But he does not remember this)
Does not Remember his enemies
Does not remember that he has pets

Other He is supposed to be dead, but he was saved from that by a newer member of Task Force 141, and nursed back to health in the infirmary, but since he is forgetful he doesn't even remember his own call sign or what weapons he uses or even anything really. He doesn't even remember his past. For a while he lived in Russia. Sandman only vaguely remembers what his family looks like. Only task force calls him by his call sign or by his other nickname of Metal 0-1. Some call him by his screen name. He doesn't even remember Price.

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) "Is it a crime, to fight, for what is mine?
- Tupac"

Daniel Bishop

December 17
European white and Irish


Other Markings: Has long scar marks on his back
Dressing Style: Shirt and jeans

Personality: He is cunning and cocky with good reason. He is the best. He will do whatever it takes and sometimes that is dangerous. He counts each kill he ever makes.
Playing Chess
Anything in his way

History: Born and raised a soldier. He lives to serve for himself which differs from his family who have made it there life to serve a "cause." He has been on countless of missions.

Area(s) Of Specialization
Intelligence Gathering
High risk missions
Martial arts
Hand-to-hand combat

Preferred Weapons
Anything he can get his hands on

Organizations: Whatever pays more
Father: Alive
Brother: Alive
Sister: Alive
Mother: Deceased
Grandmother: Alive and only one he is in communication with

(unknown at the moment)

Too many to count

Pets: None

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