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Hayley i need a summary for this book because im doing a project...please help it needs to be at least 3 paragraphs have an exposition,rising action, main conflict, climax, falling action, and resolution. please help me guys!

Tiana Coffee this book is really funny and its about a boy that is trying to make excuses so he wont get in trouble and he also loves nachos.

Tiana Coffee Free Thaddeus is about a boy named Thaddeus who gets a lot of In- school suspensions.he gives us examples of what to do in this case and what not to do in that case.oh did i forget to mention that he loves loves nachos.he also gives us an Thaddeus Fun Fact at the end of that page to give us something interesting.

Also,in Free Thaddeus he writes a letter to Mr.cooper his principal on every page or chapter.also in every new chapter it shows a Discipline Referral Form on the page and writes and marks what he did and it looks like a real referral form.

well if you read this book your going to love this book as much as i do because its funny and its a really good book.

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