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message 1: by Sabahat (new)

Sabahat Muhammad (sabahatm) | 2 comments Mod
Much of what the world knows about South Asia comes from the news, movies and popular stories on the Internet. The images that people see are just a small glimpse of what the average person from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh is really like.

To this day, many South Asians are asked questions based on what people believe, rather than what they know.

One of the core goals of Indireads is to give voices from South Asia a platform to be heard, and to show you the many dimensions of our rich and varied cultures. The goal of this group is to give you, as a reader, an introduction to our novellas, and to our authors and the stories behind them.

Welcome to Indireads.

message 2: by Riaz (last edited Sep 02, 2013 05:10AM) (new)

Riaz Mulla | 1 comments Knowing about different cultures is a rich source of growth, the kind of growth that truly defines us as humans. And in today's connected, virtual world where you dont know where your FB friend is operating from this helps us see people and their reactions in the right perspective.
I feel this is an amazing initiative because only when we truly understand culture and with it the way people operate would we be able to deal better with so many differences and intolerance's that affect today's life.
Already even for the authors of Indireads it is such a beautiful experience due to the myriad culture of authors in the group.

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