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Fassbinder: The Life And Work Of A Provocative Genius
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The films Fassbinder directed and sometimes starred in

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Week of Sept. 1, 2013

"The Marriage of Maria Braun (Die Ehe der Maria Braun)"

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Finally got around to watching the first half. The bookcover actually depicts the scene when Maria and Bill confront Hermann who had been reported dead in WW2. That bookcover often made me wonder whether Fassbinder directed Shakespeare; but now I know the bookcover is from this movie with Hermann blocked out.

Though I enjoy foreign art films, I'm not sure that I ever viewed a Fassbinder film. So, I was thinking perhaps it would be dark; not at all, so far, the main character Maria Braun is a survivor in a multi-generation but fatherless family and gains financial success through ability after the war. Talking about bright--the ever-shiny red lipstick and nails, the wavy, cascading strawberry hair, and full, luminous face, and unreadable eyes portray a gutsy, smart woman.

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments The second half wasn't as interesting because many characters were obviously unhappy despite material success and peacetime. Likewise, the ending was a great contrast to the former energy and hope. Fortune bestowed was denied by other events.

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Week of Sept., 8, 2013

"Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Angst essen Seele auf)"

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Just 35 minutes to go until the film ends. So far, a great film about a German widow Emmi who marries a younger Moroccan worker Ali. Neighbors, family, coworkers, even a store keeper react negatively, shunning her. How will it turn out? Interesting is that the negative stereotype is false and the romantic relationship delicious.

According to the biography, happy endings are rare with Fassbinder.

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Made it through the ending. The social troubles dissolve into dust before another trouble threatens to sever the relationship. Nevertheless, the latter just proves that the love between Emmi and Ali is clearer and stronger than the human frailties devalued by it.

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Week of Sept. 15, 2013

"Fox and His Friends (Fist-Right of Freedom, Faustrecht der Freiheit)"

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments In Fox, Rainer Werner Fassbinder plays the leading role - an honest, working-class man duped from lottery-won riches by wealthier, decadent friends. Actors from the film Ali reappear in Fox. Both films are among the highest rated that Fassbinder wrote and directed.

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments In the next scenes, Eugen takes Fox to the faltering manufacturing business managed by drunken dad who nevertheless gives the son Eugen the go-ahead to run the enterprise.

Meanwhile, Eugen makes a former boyfriend unhappy by taking up with Fox, and boyish Fox (Fassbinder) briefly soaks in a mud bath at the spa.

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Betty (olderthan18) | 617 comments Viewed the second half, reaching the end. Must say that I highly rated these engrossing scenes even though the first half was pretty good. And, the last scenes are unfortunate with regard to morality yet are aesthetic with regard to the plain truth in social relationships.

Detailed synopsis at Wikipedia.

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