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Fassbinder: The Life And Work Of A Provocative Genius
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Fassbinder - reading the biography

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Thx Asma

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Mal wrote: "Thx Asma"

Opening line in my review... I have never read such an exhausted biography in my life. Doubt a detail was omitted and not boring given the details. Very well done in my opinion.

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Betty Asma (everydayabook) | 617 comments Hi, Mal,
Just beginning. The pages are printed well, and the story very, very good (I don't mind descriptive details if they improve the story). So far, it's enjoyable. I've gotten the impression that he's unconventional and unstructured and totally suited to be the film director on a tumultuous set. I don't remember where the idea came from to include this title. I do remember that Barry at Around the World (in 52 Books), who knows quite a lot about film studies, thought it excellent.

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