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message 1: by Kelly (last edited Aug 30, 2013 08:39PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kelly i read the book in less then a day and i was pretty mush yelling the hole time. i want to know if anyone saw any of it coming at all? also if you guy liked as mush as i did.

Alex i saw it coming from the beginning (not eight dying, five betraying everyone)

message 3: by Jd (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jd Five betraying everyone was pretty obvious, but the rest I didn't see coming including Sam being a narrator. The Ella stuff was out of left field as well.Also, Adam. I'm a little surprised that Marina was the only person we already knew to get a new Legacy. (I guess Ella got one, but we still dont even know what shes doing)

Anthony Huynh what if... John inherits pittacus and since Pittacus has all the abilities, John doesn't know he has all the abilities. In the rise of nine he discovered that he could heal because he was in a desperate situation (preventing Sarah and Ella from dying). Also, he has had first hand experience on being healed and how it feels.So i think, if John is Pittacus, he has all the abilites but he needs to set his mind to it. The reason for me thinking this is because John AND Marina having healing abilities -cmon, pls, how original? You'd think when the Garde find their new legacies ur like excited and pumped, my reaction when John could heal -'Oh...'. But at the end this is a big IF.

message 5: by Nasyiq (new)

Nasyiq Well I am not the only one who thought that Ella is claimed to be the "heir" for a reason. I do have a deep theory that Setrakus Ra might truly be a loric, as of John assumed, and I pretty much think that he's the long-lost Tenth Elder, who is Ella's granddad. Well it just makes sense how Ella is claimed as the heir to the Serakus Ra. There should be a story how the tenth elder just vanished a long time ago without even a myth of his death. Maybe, a betrayal scene among the Elders? Cold war between Pittacus and him?

Jericho The although while reading, I never found myself having any favorites, I didn't realize just how much I liked 8 until he died. Although, finally Marina gets a BAD-ASS new legacy, which is going to be awesome, I can't wait to see John and Marina working together, fire and ice! However, I still think that I would rather 8 die than 9, so I was a little relieved about that. I just think that 9 had a better attitude, despite the fact that hes a douche. 8's teleporting will be missed, but I think they can carry on without him, I didn't give a hoot about the whole 7 and 8 thing. Plus, is it me, or did "Pittacus Lore" rip off Assassin's Creed with the wrist blade that 5 has, it sounds a lot like a hidden blade to me. Adam will be interesting, I already like him. I want Sarah and John, not 6 and Jobn, Sarah is becoming pretty BAD-ASS. The only question that I need answered RIGHT NOW, is What happened to Berney Kosar?? I need to know! BK is such a great and loyal complanion!!! Ella being the heir needs to stop, I wish they could've just killed off Ella instead of 8, that would've been waaaaaay better!

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