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message 1: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Walker (tommywalker) When I tried to fill the Book Title field for my "When the hippie era ended" quote from outside my Author Page, I wasn't given the option of selecting my own book. Every book attributed to "Tommy Walker" is by a different guy. So then I started over, making sure I was at my Author Page where GoodReads knows I wrote the book "Monstrous", but now I look under My Quotes and don't see an earlier one of mine, "Television is the most insidious". Like maybe that one is on the other guy's shelf. I'm afraid there may now be virtual duplicates of "When the hippie era ended", one with my book's title and one which leaves that field blank. Anticipating the happy day when a total stranger wants to quote me, as things stand they'll be unable to select my book.

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10794 comments You have a extra space in your name to keep you separate from the other Tommy Walker, you are Tommy^^Walker. And that extra spaces is needed to find your profile for the quote.

I moved the quote yo your profile and selected your book.

message 3: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Walker (tommywalker) Thanks much, Renske.

As it likely will be an eternity, if not longer, before a total stranger wants to quote me, knowing about this extra space sounds like a 99% solution. But what if? Could my "Monstrous" be added to the list of possible choices associated with the name "Tommy Walker"?

message 4: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10794 comments Then it would be associated with the wrong author. When a user searches for Tommy^Walker with 1 space, you will be also in the results, so that is not the problem. the extra space is only needed to get the books and quotes on your profile.

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