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pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
Tide started walking and sniffed the air

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Luna and Apollo led the pup into the darkest part of the forest before they stopped. Luna made sure that Storm didn't get lost and helped him along the way.

"Alright we are here." Apollo said sitting in darkness.

Luna's sides and eyes glowed a bright blue as they sat in her element

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Luna became stressed as she started to think of what happen to her when she was a pup. Luna started to pace back and forth.

Apollo looked at his sister. "Are you alright?"

Luna turned and looked at him with her blue eyes glowing furiously now." No. I think I might need to go to Crystal Cave for a while.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm sat next t Apollo, his earrings clinking slightly

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo turned to his apprentice. "Ok so it's just you and me. Ok so answer me a question. He said standing up. Why do you think we are in the darkest part of the forest?"

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments "So that I can learn how to fight without having a lot of sight and train my other senses?" Storm answered, well, kind of questioned, but he answered.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments "Yes, good job. At this rate we will be done in no time." He said."Ok, so hear that rabbit nearby?"Apollo asked as a rabbit rustles through a bush almost from a mile away.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm listens and nods, "Yes." He replies.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments "Good. I want you to capture it and bring it back alive." Apollo said getting up and going over to a rock where he could observe.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm nods, and runs off, silently through the forest. He bit the rabbit on the neck, stunning it, so that it was in a near death state. He ran back easily, showing the rabbit to Apollo.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo looked down at his apprentice. "Good. Excellent job but just always be swift and careful when sneaking up on prey. Ready to move on?" He asked

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm nodded, "Yes." He replied.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo smiled. "Ok your next task is to sneak up on me." He said as he jumped down from the rock.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm smiled to himself, but backed away.


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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments ((Ok))

"What's wrong? Come on Storm, all you have to do is try your best. I'm not going to hurt you or anything. All I want you to do is try to sneak up on me while I stand over there." He said pointing to a tree that was broken in half.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm smirked and ran off, Apollo didn't know what was going to hit him. He calmed down his breathing, running silently, while creating a loud storm to mask any noise and to blow away his scent. Storm wound up behind Apollo, and pounced, tackling him to the ground.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo smiled at the pup on top of him."Well done, but I could smell you from a mile away. In combat when you want the element of surprise, you must always hide your sent."

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm nodded.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments "Good, well I cannot really show you the extent of all our training without Luna. I guess next we can discuss using your powers when fighting." He said standing up.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo froze up when he smell the one godforsaken person he hated. He growled in the direction he knew it came from and light arose from his fur.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm nodded, "Apollo, I am going to head back if that's ok with you." He says to the older wolf.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo turned back to his apprentice. "Yes, our lesson is over today." He said,"Come on I will walk you back."

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Storm nodded then swallowed, "Something bad's going on! Hurry!" He shouted as he sprinted towards the camp.

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Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Apollo sprinted towards his home and saw many loners attacking. He growled and lunged at one

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The GFHB {HoNk} toxins runs leaping over a log. he was getting tired of other wolves eating and killing deer in his last territory. he growls following the scent of deer.

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Shadow sees this wolf, he snaps a twig getting his attention

message 28: by The GFHB {HoNk} (last edited Jan 01, 2014 06:47PM) (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} toxins stops instantly. "whos there?" he says sounding more like a snake. do to his forked tounge and rectrable snake fangs

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

"Names shadow" he walks out

message 30: by The GFHB {HoNk} (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} "im toxins" he says watching the stranger.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

"Beautiful day" shadow looks up

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The GFHB {HoNk} "is this a joke or somethings most wolves that stop or spot me just come to fight and insult me"

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

"Well theirs always a first time"

message 34: by The GFHB {HoNk} (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} "true " toxins sits down.

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"Where u headed"

message 36: by The GFHB {HoNk} (last edited Jan 01, 2014 07:14PM) (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} "where the deer go i have no lack or home because of my abilties and killer and sly nature" toxins said.thats how he liked it being alone with no one to control and annoy him

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"I like to live alone to..but I help out the pack when needed"

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The GFHB {HoNk} "packs are just a wieght that draggs you down, all they do is hunt in my territory and not think about the wolf that lives their and eat everything and not care if i have not eatin in two weeks " he says

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"Packs do have drama, but it is sometimes nice to talk to someone "

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The GFHB {HoNk} "a lot of drama, it is nice to talk to someone when it gets lonely"

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"Have you ever been with a pack"

message 42: by The GFHB {HoNk} (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} "once but i was a omega and did nothing but work and get badly hurt if i did my job wrong" toxins said laying down resting his head on his paws

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"I was x beta...." shadow sat down

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The GFHB {HoNk} "if i was in a pack id be a ultimate alpha i am matured and mastered my elemental powers of decay and piosion" toxins said. "

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"I would never want to lead..even though I have this" shadow lifts hid paw creating blue lightning

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The GFHB {HoNk} "i have toxins and piosions like a snake and if i want to i can make something turn to dust"

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

"I can make them turn to ash" he laughs

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