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message 1: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
You need




Fur color:
Eye color:
Other markings:
Extra things:




message 2: by ☯Jocey☯ (last edited Aug 30, 2013 04:56PM) (new)

☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Name: Night

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://sabbie89.deviantart.com/art/Eu...
With these marks on the undersides of his paws: http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image...

Personality: He is cold and emotionless now, quite like a killing machine. He only opens up to those he loves and his sister.

History: He targets not to tell it, but he is Nightsong's older brother.

Element/Power: Control over fire and can make turn invisible.
Other:Is Nightsong's older brother

message 3: by Kensi Blye (last edited Aug 30, 2013 03:32PM) (new)

Kensi Blye Name: Leticia "Letty"

Age: 4 1/2

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs38/i/201...
Fur color: Black
Eye color: Bi-Colored one is Cobalt blue while the other is Forest green
Other markings: None
Extra things: Unknown

Personality: She's headstrong and hard headed as well as strong willed she will fight for what she thinks is right and won't be told otherwise.


Other: She has Telekinesis and power over water. She wants to join a pack

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pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
Night is missing some stuff ap

message 5: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
Petty is accepted

message 6: by Rock (new)

Rock Name: ozelon
Age: 3
Gender: male
Fur color: black
Eye color: purple
Personality: timid, shy, scared
Other: he can run quite fast.

message 7: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: Blacksmith

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Appearance: Russet colored wolf with a metal mask made out of titanium
Fur color: Russet colored
Eye color: It's the color of fire, and when you hold her gaze, it looks like a fire is burning in her eyes
Other markings: Jet black paws
Extra things: She wheres a metal mask made out of titanium. She put iron on all of her claws and iron on all of her teeth.

Personality: Sneaky, sly, shy


Other: She is good at making metal things and normally "plays" with the pack. She likes to mess with them.

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☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Finished night

message 10: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod

message 11: by ☯Jocey☯ (new)

☯Jocey☯  (Joceymc) | 167 comments Yay! :3

message 12: by E (last edited Aug 31, 2013 10:27AM) (new)

E Name:

Fur color:
Eye color:
Electric Blue
Other markings:
Extra things:
Serious, Prideful, Brave and Deadly
(Not sure what I can have)
His parents abandoned him as a pup and he raised himself never was part of a pack but resents his parents and wants to see them dead
Shadow Manipulation
Absorb, create/generate and manipulate darkness/shadow for various effects, sizes, shapes and intensity levels.

Absolute Darkness

Darkness "Mist"

Light Absorption

Shadow Camouflage/Cloaking: Can blend in with Shadows making him completely Invisible and untrackable

Darkness Adaptation

Night Vision

Materialize, shape and manipulate darkness:
Animating shadows, whether users own or cast by anything else.

Umbrakinetic Combat

Umbrakinetic Constructs, including walls, armor or allies/servants.

Portal Creation/Umbrageous Teleportation using shadows/darkness by understanding the fundamental connection all shadows/darkness share.

Dimensional Storage to store stuff into shadows, user may be able to enter their own pocket dimension.

Can draw shadows to them and use them to change their size

When the user realizes from where they draw their power, they can enter there and summon beings/tools from there.
Wants to join a pack but because of his prideful nature won't join for anything other than Beta Male. Has shadows running through his veins instead of blood and has shadows instead of bones.

message 13: by E (new)

E Is he accepted

message 14: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
Loners dont have powers if they do it's only one

message 15: by E (new)

E He does have one power those are just branches from that power and I can make it unknown ATM

message 16: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
Ok aacepted

message 17: by E (new)

E Yay

message 18: by Rock (new)

Rock he looks a bit op >.<

message 19: by E (new)

E What's OP?

message 20: by E (last edited Aug 30, 2013 08:05PM) (new)

E If you mean overpowered I disagree. I have just put more effort into finding info about his power than other people.

message 21: by Rock (new)

Rock Evan Son Of Poseidon wrote: "Depending of the level of strength, one can blanket an entire city, country or world in eternal darkness"

message 22: by E (last edited Aug 30, 2013 08:06PM) (new)

E Ok would you like me to edit that out? But just so you know that is one of the uses for that power

message 23: by Rock (new)

Rock Evan Son Of Poseidon wrote: "Ok would you like me to edit that out? But just so you know that is one of the uses for that power"

it's the entire world XD that's op

message 24: by pinkfluffylion, Headmod (new)

pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod
I agree with rock

message 25: by E (new)

E Well it says depending on the level of strength but I have edited out so..............

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: NO ONE knows her name yet, but her name is The Blood Seeker
Nickname: Seeker/Blood Seeker

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201... (Ignore the wings)
Fur color: Dark dark dark misty grey
Eye color: As if you put emeralds on her eyes
Other markings: None
Extra things: She has those ankle things around her legs, and she where's that thing on her back.

Personality: Unknown. Anything can happen from her


Other: She has powers like the pack. She can control blood, so she can torture someone. Plus, those things that she wheres, those things make it so she is extra stronger and extra faster. So she can go at the speed of light and weigh as much as an elephant.

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Enardo
Age: 3
Gender: male
Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/201...

personality: loyal to his friends, never backs down from a fight unless needed. will obey orders if given.

History: no one knows for certain.

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} What about the other stuff

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

That's all Leah asked for at the very top of this page.... what else would you like to know

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} -.- ALL of it. Eye color, for color, Other markings, ETC, ETC.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok sorry that was my bad

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Fur color: mostly blue but some black
Eye color: blue
Other markings: none
Extra things: none

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank-you master

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: Clarity

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://timberwolfhq.com/wp-content/up...
Fur color: Uh...
Eye color: Purple
Other markings: The... Things on her face and body....
Extra things: The things on her body....

Personality: Kind, gentle, caring, angry at certain times.

Rank: Spirit!!!!!


Element/power: A spirits power


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pinkfluffylion | 209 comments Mod



Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/psi/images/a/...

Fur color:...
Eye color:...
Extra: ...

Personality:star is caring and wise she wil help any dog In need even if the dog is evil.

Rank: spįrt

Element/power: spirt powers

message 39: by Christa (last edited Sep 02, 2013 09:38PM) (new)

Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Name: Dark


Gender: Male

Appearance: http://api.ning.com/files/gHA4wkWOWjf...
Fur color: Black
Eye Color Red
Other markings: has symbols of red on him
Extra things: He is Luna and Apollos brother. ((He caused the accident which was: Making Luna lose control of herself an killing all of their family except for the three of them.))

Personality: Sneaky, mischievous, and evil. He loves to kill and destroy every chance he gets and is here to do just that.

History: When him and his siblings were young, he took Luna boyfriend and killed him just to make Luna so made she lost herself and killed everyone except for Apollo and Dark.

Element: Darkness manipulation, but can summon evil creatures with it since he had a master to teach him ancient ways.

message 41: by Christa (new)

Christa Lane (chrushta) | 202 comments Yay!

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Name: Vasarie

Age: 2

Gender: female

Appearance: http://m592.photobucket.com/image/ani...
Fur color: black and white
Eye color: icy blue
Other markings: with this on all four of her paws http://m341.photobucket.com/image/swi...
Extra things: controls ice

Personality: tbrpepd

message 43: by Flowing Darkness (new)

Flowing Darkness (flowingdarkness) | 1 comments (Under progress,may delete)
Name:I don't know...a problem :/

Age:2 human years/17 dog years

Appearance:Long fur(non-shaggy fur), mixed in with some red clumps
Fur color:Black/red
Eye color:blue
Personality:kind, will accept you to his pack if you have the ability to fight and defend yourself

message 44: by The GFHB {HoNk} (last edited Jan 01, 2014 07:24PM) (new)

The GFHB {HoNk} Name: toxins

Age: 4 1/2

Gender: male

Appearance: http://paradiseisland11.webs.com/demo...
Fur color: purpil,black and white
Eye color: ruby red
Other markings: no other markings than in his appearance pic.
Extra things: he has pupilless eyes he also has retrable fangs like a snakes.

Personality: he is very weird. He always speaks in riddles. He is a very creepy wolf when the moon is full. He is very smart and sly. He likes to collect shiny things. he can be a good person to talk to if you catch him in a good mood.

History: he is very unkown to most wolves. And he never tells his history

Element/powers: he has the element of decay(to make thing rott) and poison. He has a venomous bite like rattle snakes bite. But his venoum his 10x more deadly than a rattle snakes venom.

Other: he is known to appear randomly

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) What about Vasarie?

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: Confusion/Temptation

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://th09.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/...
Fur color: Black
Eye color: Lightning blue
Other markings:
Extra things:

Personality: He likes to confuse wolves and tempt them into doing the wrong.


Other: His powers is temptation/confusing. Sonewhat hypnotism....

message 49: by Lupus (new)

Lupus | 1 comments Name: Lupus

Age: 1.71 (18)

Gender: Male

Appearance: the wolf in my profile picture
Fur color: light brown
Eye color: honey brown
Other markings: white dot on the back pf his ear
Extra things: wears a red collar

Personality: somewhat shy, loner-ish. Very curious, likes to learn. Will become hostile if his collar is touched, or if he feels if someone he loves is threatened. Protective, and very kind.

Power: can disguise himself as a human.

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