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J. Vance | 18 comments Okay, here’s the spiel. We’re going to write our very own novel together, one line at a time, in the name of Paranormal lovers everywhere.
We can make it a Paranormal Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery… whatever you want, just use your imagination!
To keep this process from becoming a total train wreck, each message should be at least one complete sentence long. It would be better to write a paragraph *or even longer, if that is what works best for you.* so that the person crafting the following message has a good foundation to build on and keep the story flowing creatively and logically.

REMEMBER!!! To write a good story, the characters must be compelling and likeable (even the bad guys), the stakes have to be high (think about how bad things can get… then make them worse!) and there should be no loose ends by the time our story is finished (Let's not make this a never-ending story)!

To prevent the appearance of dozens of confusing characters, I will give you a list of names to use. Keep track of them and get to know them before adding your piece to the puzzle.


These two main characters can be good or bad, love each other, or be utterly disgusted by the other’s presence. They can be beautiful and strapping, or butt ugly and dimwitted. I don’t care, just make them interesting! Oh, the most important thing about these two is this. They must not die! One way or another, they have to make it to the very end.

The rest of the cast are:

Other than names, these characters are a clean slate. Do what you want with them. You can even kill them off, if you think it makes the story better.
I’ll give you an example:

Message 1: Brian put on a brave, confident façade as he walked up the hill to Mountain Secondary School, surrounded by grade eight and nine stick figures that flashed now and then in the sun’s morning light as it filtered through the tall cedars and firs on his left. The forest’s sweet scent wafted with a cool spring breeze, filling his mind with refreshing hopes for the coming day, so much unlike the previous one. His smokescreen of poise soon faded though, as the other boys in his graduating class drove up the driveway with girls his own age sitting next to them, including that bitch Tammy.

Message 2: A pair of young boys’ chatter had been getting louder behind him, edged with derisive snickers. Brian glanced and realized that they were directing their fun at him. “Dude,” one of them waved their hand in front of their nose. “You stink! Have you been drinking?”

Got it? Are you ready? Let’s go!

message 2: by J. (new)

J. Vance | 18 comments “Hey, Burr. What’s up?” Adrian asked suspiciously as he stepped through the school library. Brian, his older and less literary-inspired brother, was huddled in one of the room’s tabletop cubicles, looking and smelling like he got there straight from Brenda’s impromptu party last night. Still, he had a book in his hands and appeared to be reading it. “Twilight? What the… is God punishing you?”

message 3: by Gabby (new)

Gabby | 906 comments Brian slammed the book shut. "Just leave me alone." he muttered to his brother.

message 4: by J. (new)

J. Vance | 18 comments He pressed his hands into his face, grumbling. "What are you even doing here? It's supposed to be lunch break." Brian glanced cautiously around the corner of his little booth, his steely blue eyes wary. "You haven't seen Tammy around here, have you?"

message 5: by Billie Jo (new)

Billie Jo (BookJunkie32) "No,and why do you even care after what happened?" Adrian asked curtly as he pulled up a chair.

message 6: by J. (new)

J. Vance | 18 comments *Okay, let's change things up a bit. We can write as much as we see fit in our entries, with one complete sentence still being the minimum. I've edited my initial post to reflect this.*

Story continued…

Brian had come home late last night, having snuck up the steps and into their shared bedroom to avoid waking mom and dad.

Being a light sleeper, Adrian had heard his brother first arrive, flubbing his first two attempts to enter the front door, apparently unable to fit the key squarely into the hole.

By the time Brian had slipped his way into the room and next to his bed, Adrian was sitting up in his and flicked on the lamp.

“It’s 2:30am!” Adrian had begun chewing his brother out, but Brian instantly dove to the floor, yelping like a spanked puppy by the surprise. When he had caught his breath, Brian slowly rose with body trembling and eyes intensely wide, upset.

Adrian was blown away, having never seen his big brother, one of Mountain’s strongest athletes, so utterly frightened before.

“I…” Brian sputtered, crawling under his sheets with his clothes still on. “I thought you were Tammy.”

“Tammy?” That didn’t make any sense to Adrian. Brian couldn’t stop talking about going to that party all week, so he could finally have a way to get close to the most gorgeous girl on the face of the planet.

Every guy in school stopped what they were doing when Tammy walked into the room, her long red hair sweeping over her smooth shoulders, her blue eyes shimmering like stars set bewitchingly on her lovely face, an elegant pattern of freckles spread across her fair cheeks. She was a boy’s dream, Brian’s incurable fantasy.

Deterred by the fact Tammy already had a boyfriend, a rich kid named Demitri that smothered her to no end, Brian had kept his distance. But Demitri couldn’t go to the party, thus filling Brian with new hope.

Brian had put the covers over his head, “Go to sleep.”

“Why? What happened to you? Didn’t it go well with…”

“No! Now, go to sleep!”

Adrian had watched the lump in the bed next to him lie still for a minute, justifiably shaken. After a time he finally settled down himself and reached reluctantly for the lamp situated on the nightstand between them.

The lump spoke, “Leave the light on.”

message 7: by Dana (new)

Dana Smythe | 12 comments When Adrian woke up the next morning, Brian’s bed had been empty, and he hadn’t shown up at the breakfast table either. After wading through a bowl of his favorite overly-sweetened cereal, and pacing impatiently around the downstairs as the clock crept closer and closer to “late,” Adrian had left for school without him. He’d almost started to worry about him too - but here he was, the oaf.
“I don’t,” Brian said vehemently. “I don’t care. Now leave me alone.”

message 8: by J. (new)

J. Vance | 18 comments The bell rang and the Library quickly cleared of kids, all routing themselves obediently to their next class. Adrian hesitantly followed, leaving his brother tucked away where no one would think of looking.

That afternoon, Adrian filed through a busy corridor, negotiating the open spaces while thinking of Brian’s odd behavior, when he spotted and instantly locked onto Tammy’s red hot tendrils. They draped over her bare shoulders like liquid fire as she walked along the hallway toward him wearing some emerald green, low cut metal mesh top that obviously caught a lot of people’s attention as they ambled by. Her thick, seductively imperfect bangs slid down the right side of her face just enough to hide one of her dazzling eyes and her soft pink lips gently smiled at her best friend strutting beside her, Brenda.

Dressed in studded black garb, Brenda looked nothing like Tammy and it made Adrian curious what the interest between them might be. Brenda had straight, long black hair to match her provocative Goth fashion. Her face was smooth and pale, ghostlike, with thick black eyeliner that she often added around her peepers to make a trail of tears that ended an inch down her cheeks. Her lips were full and colored velvet red to match the contacts she wore so hauntingly. She never showed jewelry, but often had an intricate necklace drawn around her neck that drooped above her cleavage to a rich image of a burgeoning blood red rose with black wings stretching from behind. As always, a trickle of the red paint creeped nearer to her breasts. How she was allowed to dress that way in school, Adrian didn’t know.

It was Brenda that had clearly discovered Adrian first, her scary eyes narrowing on him, and Adrian’s skin crawled in response. Tammy must have noticed something amiss and she soon followed Brenda’s glare, becoming strangely alarmed when she found him.

Adrian’s pace slowed, caught in Tammy’s magnificent trance, and his heart skipped just as his mind whirred with creepy, spine-chilling whispers until Tammy’s hushed tone overwhelmed them all, filling his ears with an eerie secret message without moving her lips. “He’s right behind you. Run!”

Surrounded by bodies and struck with surprise, it was as if Adrian had become stranded in a waking nightmare when a hand, cold and strong, seized the back of his neck, squeezing.

Tammy’s voice echoed again. “It’s too late!”

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