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"And Another Thing..." by Eoin Colfer...your thoughts.
Pete Pete Aug 30, 2013 02:32AM
I picked up "And Another Thing..." the sixth book in the Hitchhikers guide trilogy and I've been meaning to read it, but being that I am a Douglas Adams purist, and the original books made me want to be qa writer, I have yet to bring myself to really get into it because it wasn't by DA himself. I just thought I would see if anyone has read it and what your feedback is.

I've read 'And Another Thing ...'. IMO, it was ok - not great, but not terrible either. Eoin Colfer tries pretty hard to imitate Adams's style. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he fails. There are some interesting ideas, like (mild spoilers follow) Arthur, Ford, Trillian and Random's 'dream lives' within the Guide; a nice Vogon (!!!); and the return of funny one-off characters like Wowbagger. On the other hand, there is also a lot of boring crap, like the introduction of a 'lost' Earth colony, and several highly uninteresting human characters (however, the same could also be said of Earth itself and Fenchurch respectively in 'So Long and Thanks for all the Fish', and that was by Adams himself!).

Basically, if you don't expect a 'true' Douglas Adams-style book, you won't be disappointed. I picked up 'And Another Thing ...' mostly because I like Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl books, and was curious to see how he would handle the challenge of writing a sequel to one of the most famous science-fiction series of all time. IMO, he did a decent job of it. He's no Douglas Adams, but then no one else is either.

I thought Colfer channeled Adam's style, throwing in incidentals, odd observations, and wacky characters like Adams did. He also gave similar justifications for crazy ideas that make a kind of weird sense when you think about them. It read like a Douglas Adams book.

However, it rarely made me laugh. Adams made me laugh out loud on trains and other public places, struggling to keep it in so not to draw attention to myself but failing. Colfer made me think, "How clever and humorous," but not actually laugh.

Mitali summed it up pretty well. Some loose ends are tied up in a moderately successful imitation of Adams' style. I also am a purist, and was a bit put off by the presumptuous idea that Colfer would think he had the right to take over where Adams left off. But I didn't hate the book. I didn't love it either.

I haven't read And Another Thing... myself, so maybe I shouldn't be answering this. But I thought it was an interesting question because being a fan of Douglas Adams I have the same problem with this book. It's not written by Douglas Adams. I have had a copy of it for a few years, but it still sits there on the bookshelf. Still, I am a bit curious about how good a job Eoin Colfer did with it is, so I'm going to read it eventually.

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