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The many movie mistakes
Alexander Buhl Alexander Aug 30, 2013 02:12AM
Am I the only one of the opinion that the movie totally ruined the plot in the book?

In my opinion, yes, it was an okay movie but the director changed a lot of things in the adaption from book to movie.
Of course it isn't possible to adapt all of the details, but honestly, some of the details were changed to the opposite.

As an example: Broms intention about taking Eragon to Varden, in the book he wanted to wait until Eragon was strong enough to decide by himself, in the movie he wanted to lead him directly to them.

(And the one i think is the most annoying: the Urgals from the movie didn't have horns!)

OMG. It pissed me off so bad. I kept having to explain to the people in the room that did not read the book that it is totally wrong on SOOO many things. I do agree that you can't fit everything into the movie, but come on, some things were flat out ridiculous and really took away from the true feeling of the story.

I can't even be in the building when someone puts the movie on...

I know!! I watched the movie first. then I read the book. and I was very confused.

END OF STORY. Your imagination can reach into more depth etc. than a simple movie. Yay. Your 'humans don't stink that much' fact for the day.

The movie was the worst adaptation since the first "Hulk" movie. . . Seriously though, the movie had so many holes in it not to mention it came out right before "Avatar" if only James Cameron could have directed the film. Now that would have been epic!!!

Sparrowlicious Imho the worst movie adaption of the 21st century is still M.Night Shama...something's attempt to adapt the tv series 'Avatar' as a movie. Wow. Just n ...more
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One of the more obvious (Small but easy to see) mistakes they made in filming was that they didn't follow the book at all! Also there was...

I hated the movie. It tried to cram to many things in one movie, and left huge gaps in the story line. Saphira was awful, and so was Arya. Arya in the movie was a totally different character! And, the Urgals didn't even have horns, and they were BLUE for crying out loud! Almost worse than Avatar the Last Airbender.

As George R R Martin put it, one can always say not to having your work optioned by Hollywood. That big fat check makes that hard to do. Martin says he turned offers down. One studio even mentioned they would make his entire series into one book. Imagine that, 7000 plus pages for a 7 book series into one movie.

I feel bad for Christopher myself. I wish he had an industry insider to help guide him, but it was his choice, and its not like he didn't make a ton of cash. He had the money to hire the right lawyer. And he could have said no.

Yes, it was quite terrible, and some of the characters seemed rather trashy in the movie, for me it was disturbing. And finally the movie felt like bits and pieces put together and not like whole story, with order and continuity.

It must be upsetting to have your book turned into such a bad movie.

the visual effects did not fit in with the actors, as you could see the displacement

Emily Brent I TOTALLY agree with you. I felt that the producers didnt do a good job. I read the book and then saw the movie. I was sorely disapointed with the fil ...more
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Alexander wrote: "Am I the only one of the opinion that the movie totally ruined the plot in the book?

In my opinion, yes, it was an okay movie but the director changed a lot of things in the adaption from book to ..."

No! you are not, as i am as well. it was okay, as long as you didnt compare behind the book and movie

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This whole movie was a mistake...The point that bothered me the most was probably Arya being a completely different do you justify that? It just sucked, plain and simple...

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