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Should I continue on with this series?
Jewels Emily Jewels Aug 30, 2013 01:51AM
I am almost done this book and I was wondering if his writing gets any better? Or is it worth it to read the other 11 books he wrote in the series?

I started listening the series about month ago. I started with The 8th Confession and got hooked! But as I'm listening to the series the first couple aren't as good as the later ones! So I say continue! I think 1 and 2 are my less favorites! But like the others said Kellerman series of Bosch are really good. I hate Alex Cross..just my opinion.

Ashley I'm so happy you posted this, even if it was from a year ago. Gives me hope for the series and the author. I hadn't tried the Cross series from the st ...more
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There are far too many better written and more entertaining books to get through in our rather limited lifetime to spend too much time with James Patterson.

I suspect Patterson pegs his writings to a given level of sophistication (hate that word).
Example: I have an adult English language student who loves this series and can read it with a bit of dictionary help. However, she cannot handle the Alex Cross series due to tougher vocabulary idioms slowing her down too much.

I would definitely stick with it. Love the series and the Michael Bennett series is good too.

Definitely keep going. When 12th of never came out, I bought it immediately and had it finished in 2 days. can't wait for number 13

I absolutely would continue to read the series. I loved it and couldn't put it down. You will get caught up with the characters as you go on so don't be discouraged! Patterson is a great writer, easy and simple but nonetheless GREAT!

I love the series. The women sort of become friends. I look forward to the next one. Patterson's older books are really great. Check into them and then you will really be hooked.

I agree with what most are saying. If you want a quick, easy mystery then this is the series to read. If you want something more, then you probably shouldn't read the series. I enjoyed the character and ignored the writing. Like all series, some books are better than others.

I would highly recommend you stick with the series. I pre-order the next one as soon as it is available.

Have you tried Steven James?
I recently started his series and am enjoying it a lot.
I got bored of James after a while - found his story line too predictable

I enjoy this series as much as the Alex Cross Series.. Definitely keep going.. if you don't you will regret it..

I just started this series about a month or so ago and I am already up to 7th I can't put them down. Very easy read and I am enjoying them. I finished the Det DD Warren series from Lisa Gardner prior to this and found that to be a very good series as well.

I am about to finish the 7th book. By no means are any of them bad....there are only 3 good ones so far!

I love the series. I haven't read the most recent ones but I love the series.

I prefer this series to others that James Patterson has written. I would encourage you to continue the series.

Yes! Its a great series, Granted, a few books are not as good as others but Lindsay Boxer is awesome/

I have read most of this series!! Loved it!!

YES! I can't wait until I can get the next book.

Jewels wrote: "I am almost done this book and I was wondering if his writing gets any better? Or is it worth it to read the other 11 books he wrote in the series?"

I read the second one, then the third but I think it was the 4th or the 5th that turned me off. The story line was disjointed and I left feeling dissatisfied and to be honest jipped. It didn't feel like James Patterson and I love most of James P's work.

Try one of the later books and see if you still feel like reading more.

I love the Womens murder club books although some of them are better than others so i would say yes stick with them.

This and the Alex Cross series were THE BEST books i've ever read. Read all of them!!

The writing doesn't get any better unfortunately but the characters do become addictive. Some stories are better than others. I'd recommend sticking with the series for a bit of quick easy reading and escapism. They are James Patterson books after all!

I love this series, but I prefer to listen to it over reading it... It gets me through working out at the gym!

Jewels wrote: "I am almost done this book and I was wondering if his writing gets any better? Or is it worth it to read the other 11 books he wrote in the series?"

I Just started on the second one and it's great!! Lots of curve balls and shockers through out, and as you get to know the characters better you're growing to like/dislike them so you have feelings toward them. I have good faith in J.P.'s writing!

Yes! I love this series, one of my favorite Patterson series! The Michael Bennett series is also one of my favorites.

Keep going and try his other books I think they are all great.

I'd be very happy to see more in this series.

I think this is a good series. The characters are interesting. I am currently up to "The 6th Target" and think its still a good read and its with women. Every time I read a crime or mystery its mostly with men. So give it a try you may like them. I also like the Bosch series too but when I first started reading Michael Connelly books I didn't know it was a series so I have to start from the beginning.

Absolutely! I really enjoy this series. There are twists that you don't see coming and I love the characters very much. I am on The 6th Target and almost right away something completely unexpected happened. Try to stick with it, but if you still don't like it after book 2, this series just might not be for you. As Tom said, & I agree with him completely, that if you get to a point where you are struggling to stay interested, simply stop reading it. We all say/feel the saying SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME! Hope that helps.

I'm in for the long haul. I love this series, and although some have been better than other, I have really bonded with Lindsay...and she's a mom now. I love seeing how she reacts to situations now that she has a little one to think of.

Jewels Emily Hmm, maybe I will look into getting the rest of the series if I can find them for cheap.
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They are entertaining, some more so than others. I don't always want a serious literary experience, in fact, these days I never want one

If you like the characters, I say keep reading. I've read up to book 8, and Lindsay Boxer continues to be one of my favorite female characters. Some books are better than others, but definitely one of my favorite series for a quick and entertaining read.

I liked the series - typical James Patterson easy reads. Not great literature but entertaining, escapist enjoyment.

I have read up to 11th Hour, and I am not going to stop going till the world (for Lindsay) ends.

You definitely should continue. Disappointments will be (if any) minimal.

I'm only through the first three of this series so far, but I really enjoy them. I agree with several of the comments about the "lightness" of the fare, but in the end they're quick page-turners and entertaining. I really like Patterson's short chapter construction to speed up the read.
Sure, it's not "War and Peace" or anything, but there's nothing wrong with a quick brain break and enjoying a fast-paced story once in a while.
And, I completely agree with the person who's recommending Michael Connelly; Harry Bosch is a very intriguing character. I've only read one of the "Lincoln Lawyer" series, and it was good too.

I definitely would stick with the series. The books are good escapist fare. I've gotten as far as the tenth book and it was so good I gave it 5 stars.

Definitely continue on with this series,. There are so many twist and turns and Patterson books get better and better! I would also suggest Jonathon Kellerman. I personally think his book have more depth than Patterson but both are quick and excellent reads.

no, if you like police procedurals but want better writing and more depth to your characters you should try the Bosch series by Michael Connelly.

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I really like this series, they are quick, easy & entertaining reads

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