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Diana Sharples (dianasharples) Hi everyone!
My debut novel, Running Lean, is out from Zondervan/Blink Books. I hope it is okay for me to put in a plug here... I really need some honest reviews of the novel. The story is about a North Carolina farm boy who tries to "fix" his girlfriend's eating disorder.
I'm new to Goodreads, so I'm not sure how all this works within your group. The novel is available through all the online outlets as a trade paperback and e-book, and in stores.

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Sarahbeth Caplin (sbethcaplin) | 21 comments Hi Diana,
Will you be willing to do a review exchange? I'll review your book if you can review mine? There's a link below. Congrats on your debut!

Public Displays of Convention by Sarahbeth Caplin

Diana Sharples (dianasharples) Hey, Sarahbeth! I'll be happy to do that with one stipulation... if by chance I don't like your book (which doesn't seem likely, from the sample I read on Amazon), I won't rate or review it at all. I've been the recipient of some one-star reviews that hurt--in part because I suspect they're orchestrated rather than honest ratings/reviews--and I just won't do that to another author. So, if I like your book, I'll be glad to post a review! Sound okay?

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Sarahbeth Caplin (sbethcaplin) | 21 comments That sounds great! Are you able to send a PDF? My email address is sbeth1188@gmail.com

Diana Sharples (dianasharples) I'm not able to do that, unfortunately. Let me check with my publisher on how to handle ebooks for reviewers.

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Sarahbeth Caplin (sbethcaplin) | 21 comments Or how about this...I send you a paperback, and you send me one? I've done that before with other book reviews.

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