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I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1)
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For this game you recreate the ending of the book I Am Number Four. You can start at any point in the last 5 chapters of the book (epilogues not included). The first person picks the starting point in the last five chapters and adds a twist to the story. The game goes on and on each person adding to the as we go until there is a really good alternate ending to the book.

Person 1:

Harry, Ron, and Hermione open the forbidden door of the third corridor. Inside the door stood Snape looking down into the trap door.

Person 2:

Snape was reciting an incantation when the three of them walked in. He turned to face them and fired off a stunning spell.

Person 3: "Duck!" Hermonie yelled as she jumped to counterattack the spell. The spell bounced off and hit Fluffy as he snored away on the floor.

And so on. The story doesn't have to be complex or extremely detailed. It needs to be where the next person can add on to the story.

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