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How To Be A Goddess
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September's BOTM - Theme - General

Discuss as you read, but please use SPOILERS for those of us who haven't gotten as far as you!!! (Check out the 'some html is ok' box above the post box for spoiler tags.)

Happy reading and discuss away!

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How To Be A Goddess by Sarah Nestler


As Katla races her long time best friend Riley to class, she runs into an odd man in a black cloak. When she wakes up from the impact of the hard hallway floor, she finds herself in a different worldthe underworld. Katla soon finds out who the odd man is. He's Hades: god of the underworld, god of the dead.

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We are so excited to see Sarah's book as BOTM! I am looking forward to reading the discussions. :D

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Jessica (_afkbookworm_) I've been interested in this book for a while, happy that this is BOTM!

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Is everyone enjoying the book? We are looking forward to comments!

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