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what does the key open?

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Heather In Hannah's letter to Grace, she mentions that the key inside the locket opens a box for Grace, that all the contents are to help her in future. Do we learn what the contents in the box are? I'm guessing it's money, but maybe there's something else, too?

Stacey That's right! I had totally forgotten but I do believe it was money. At some point in the book when Grace talked about going to school to become a archaeologist she stated that she had come into some money so it wasn't difficult for her to make do while she studied. I'm thinking that was the money...

What I never really did know is whether Hannah knew that Grace was her sister or whether Grace just thought she did.

Heather I don't think Grace told anyone. I never got the impression that Hannah thought or knew that they were sisters, just that she felt like she could tell Grace anything, like sisters.

Caroline There is a lot that is not mentioned in this book and open to our thoughts - Frederick had died I wonder it was some confirmaton that he was Grace's father

Linda I thought it was to the Garden Gate?

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