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What do magical kids do before they turn 11 and go to Hogwards?

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Dimitrios Chytiris Ok so hello all, I was wondering: Young wizards and witches go to Hogwards, when they turn 11, where they learn their magic spells, get their wands etc...
Before that? Where do they go to school? They don't? How do they learn to read and write?

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Typically, in most cases (at least canonically) it is said a lot of them get home schooled. Like the Weasleys', for example. Molly homeschooled all her children before they went to Hogwarts.
A lot also just send their kids to a normal public school with the rest of the muggles. I'm sure they either keep the whole wizard thing under cover until the kid is old enough to know not to tell anyone, but even then, I think you really only have two options:
homeschool your kid in a magical environment, or send you kid to public school and don't tell them about the wizarding world until the year before they go to Hogwarts.

message 3: by Dimitrios (new)

Dimitrios Chytiris I guess home schooled is the most logical :D

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