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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
List of those attending and their ages (Bolded are Female, Crossed out are dead)

Daphne 18 Ambrosia
Richard 17 Me
Ida 5 Me
Hanna 9 Me
Henry 9 Me
Aurelia 7 Maeve
Jane 14 Maeve
Melinda 17 Olivia
Rosaballa 5 Emma
Juniper 14 Onyx
Cordelia 19 Emily
Hazel 8 Sydney
Patrick 19 John
Kenneth (Looks)5(Real)105 Me
Deidre 17 Liv
Annette 18 John
Keara 17 Celine
Arlene 14 Sarah
Katie 12 Paigetwo
Susie 6 Olivia
Rin 19 Liv
Hero 16 Meow
Charlotte 15 Emma
Katya 17 Kate
Hope 8 Emily
Whisper 16 Meow
Angel 10 Me
Clara 13 Me
Darshana 17 Liv
Jonah 19 Emily
Adam 14 Clove_in_amity

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Deirdre (female) 17 i think

message 3: by Anastacia (new)

Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
I'm going to be updating this again once I get on my computer

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i know how you feel. im on it now, so i can do much more then i can on my ipod...
i think you and i had a conversation much like this in another group. about how you can do like, nothing on phones and ipods in the works of editing, and deleting comments.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Maybe, I don't have the best memory. I would edit it now but I made the girls in bold and I can't bold things on my phone.

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lol. i get it.

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