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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (moondancing) | 125 comments I'm an active pleasure reader who has read & reviewed numerous books. I enjoy reading and would be glad to read for other authors...
I enjoy most genres, preferably romance, YA/NA, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and dystopian... I have recently read several horror stories that were awesome...
Looking forward to reading some new material!
Happy Writing!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I believe you are beta reading my novel "Summers & Winters" but I have several partials in different genres, if you are interested.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (moondancing) | 125 comments Heather, I am... Sounds great... :D
I love to read and will gladly read anything for you!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Do you want me to wait and send them when you are done with summers and winters? I'm not sure how fast you beta read.

message 5: by Kira (new)

Kira Adams | 85 comments Lisa, I'm not sure if you have beta read for me before...but I thought so. Now I am second guessing it. I have a YA/NA romance novella 30k words. If you haven't read it already, would you be interested?

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (moondancing) | 125 comments Heather - I'll email you as soon as I'm done with "Summers and Winters" and you can send me more! :D

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (moondancing) | 125 comments Kira - I'm not sure if I've read for you before either but please do send.. :D

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Awesome!!! I have A LOT of partials. About 70 pages of book2 of the "Summers & Winters Saga". 70 of "The Newcomer" has lots of mythical creatures in it. I think 30 or so of "Alien Invasion" (tentative title) kind of an end of the world book with a little romance and a ton of suspense. 32 of "Chasing Lola" a teen romance that progresses into NA. four 10 pagers and 3 or four with less than ten pages. And 20ish pages "While in Traffic" adult romance. Which would you like first lol?

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura Davis | 8 comments Hi Lisa,
I have a YA novel, completed at 78,000 words. Do you have room for one more? I am about 3 weeks away from publishing and would love to get some feedback from someone willing to offer an honest opinion.
Laura Davis (Elle Davis)

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (moondancing) | 125 comments Send away Laura! :D

message 11: by Laura (new)

Laura Davis | 8 comments Just sent via e-mail. My palms are sweaty. I feel like I am going in for an interview!!

message 12: by Killion (new)

Killion Slade | 6 comments Hi Lisa! We are in the process of final revisions and editing. WOuld LOVE to have a fresh pair of eyes on our NA Paranormal Horror Thriller. Are you game? :)

message 13: by A.M. (new)

A.M. Madden (goodreadscomammadden) | 2 comments Lisa wrote: "I'm an active pleasure reader who has read & reviewed numerous books. I enjoy reading and would be glad to read for other authors...
I enjoy most genres, preferably romance, YA/NA, sci-fi, fantasy..."

Hi Lisa
I am a brand new author and I wrote a book called Back-up. I already published it. Basically because I have no idea what I'm doing. I would love for you to read it. Please email me at if you are interested. I can send you the short description if you'd like.

message 14: by Lynda (new)

Lynda Bester | 4 comments Lisa wrote: "I'm an active pleasure reader who has read & reviewed numerous books. I enjoy reading and would be glad to read for other authors...
I enjoy most genres, preferably romance, YA/NA, sci-fi, fantasy..."

Hi, looking for a beta for fantasy. please drop me an email if you are still interested. Thank you!

message 15: by J.L. (new)

J.L. | 48 comments Hi Lisa, If you're interested in a middle grade sci-fi post apocolypic book for beta reading, I'd love for you to check it out. Think The Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson. (90K Words / 320 pages) jlstovall4 at

message 16: by Holli (new)

Holli | 1 comments Hi Lisa, did you get me email about reading half of Writer in Residence. My alternate title is Winchester Women. Can't remember which I used when I contacted you a couple of days ago.i would benefit from a reader who fits my target audience which is female, over twenty.i have polished first half but second is very rough so I' m hopeful of encouragement to keep on doing what I am doing or to make alterations. Thanks, Holli

message 17: by A.M. (new)

A.M. Madden (goodreadscomammadden) | 2 comments Looking for beta readers to read my contemporary romance Back-up. Please contact me if you are interested. Full book. Part one of three in the series. Working in part two now.

message 18: by Steven (new)

Steven Freeman | 29 comments Hi Lisa,

I am three days away from putting the finishing touches on a 70k-word romantic thriller, “The Devil’s Due.” In this story, former soldiers Alton Blackwell and Mallory Wilson are pulled back to Afghanistan to rescue a teenage friend whose Al-Qaeda uncle has nefarious plans for her. As they race to recover the teen, they battle not only Al-Qaeda terrorists but also resurgent cult and a web of intrigue in which the label of friend and foe is not easily assigned.

Would you be interested in reading this work? If so, kindly send me a personal message, and I will be happy to send you the manuscript on Thursday or Friday (Sept 4 or 5). Please let me know if you'd rather have PDF instead of Word. Also, kindly let me know to what email address I should send the file.

This work is the fifth in a series. I have written it as a standalone work, and I'm particularly interested in seeing if it works well for those who have not read any of the previous novels.

To see if my writing style is your cup of tea, below are the first four volumes in the series:
T Wave


Steven F. Freeman

message 19: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Mitchell | 9 comments thanks for beta reading for others - great help. here's my hook if you have time -

Thank you for looking at this query for Wildcard, SFF, 110,000 words, completed.
When the Benefactor’s team created the 1st Manufactured Entity, they named it Wildcard, but didn’t know how to talk to it. Wildcard, through vastly faster processing time, spent 100,000 years alone. When they figured out how to talk, he was gone. Three more M-E’s were created - Juniper, who studies and manipulates human power systems, :3:, master of science and mathematics but eschews human language, and Dartagnan, who strives to master arts and letters, to be human. Their world is Information Space, but Wildcard seems to have created his own universe connected to that. Unfortunately, Wildcard has a serious problem - during his time alone, his human-made part went slowly insane. His self-arisen part - his true awareness - is locked in perpetual struggle to hold the mad part back, lest it destroy the human domain. He is losing. Two genetically engineered humans must help him to heal. Martha, engineered for a deeply twisted purpose by the Benefactor, and Karl, her abandoned son, engineered as an Empath. These two innocent pawns are the key. Everyone wants them for a different reason.
A sequel (The Song of Solomon) is also complete.
My latest published book is Gold Wars: The Battle for the Global Economy - signed on by 3 foreign publishers in translation, including Chinese. I earned a finalist spot in the 2007 Faulkner/Wisdom creative writing competition and a B.A. in Literature from UT, Austin.

message 20: by Abbey (new)

Abbey (abbey1) | 42 comments Hi Lisa,
would you be interested in beta reading my paranormal romance?

Diffident single mother meets sexy, enigmatic alien...

if you're interested, pm me for more details, thanks


message 21: by C.C. (new)

C.C. Faye (ccfaye) | 8 comments Hi Lisa,
My novel, SPIRAL DROPS OF SILVER, is already completed, but I would like to only review Chapters 1-7 of my novel.

After General McSchvi Air has founded the most perfect, godlike island that would be invulnerable to any kind of global disasters, known as Whelm Island, it is said to be the Island of Perfection.
But for 19 year old, Silver Geary, who foresaw a gigantic tsunami coming to destroy the island, he must save the people who hated him as the Farmer's cursed son.
Swallowed by a horrible and horrendous past, Silver must climb out of his way to forget the mysterious powers unraveling inside him.
And that's when he met this girl--Lyric Lewon, yearning to kill him with her own hands for pleasure and vanity.

I would like to review if the starting point of the book was good, interesting or bad. I would really like truthful comments about my writing style, the story progress or the overflow of the story.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Please email me at

message 22: by Mocha (new)

Mocha Pennington | 55 comments Hello Lisa,

I've completed a goth lit manuscript at 90k titled "The Angel at the Devil's Gate". I love honestly and like to be critiqued more so than praised. This manuscript needs proofreading/grammar and of course comments, both good and bad.


Black-clad foster child, Angel, is beautiful, mysterious, and exudes menace as if it were a personal scent.

Eli’s childhood of neglect and abuse has turned him to stone and gives him comfort in violence.

Apart they are society’s outcast. Together they bring to life a romance birthed from darkness, a romance that leaves debris of death on their road to salvation.

message 23: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Suby | 14 comments Hi there! I'm looking for a beta reader for the second draft of my contemporary romance. 77k words. New to all of this and would welcom any feedback you can give. Thank you!

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