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The Steel Queen (The Silk & Steel Saga, #1)
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Karen Azinger | 10 comments Hello! I am the author of the epic fantasy saga, The Silk & Steel Saga, an epic tale of knights and swords, castles and monasteries, sorcery and seduction. Inspired by George Martin's Game of Thrones, The Silk & Steel Saga is a fast-paced action-packed fantasy with stunning female leads. Kingdoms and characters come alive as they are woven together in complex plot twists with surprises that draw the reader through each chapter. You empathize with the good and pray they prevail but you truly feast on the bad who are utterly compelling. My saga was originally acquired by HarperCollins Voyager, but after two years of abuse, I reclaimed the worldwide rights and started publishing my own books. The first four books of the saga are getting great reviews. The fifth book, The Knight Marshal, is due to be published in October 2013. I'd be delighted to take questions about my saga, about writing epic fantasy, or about my experience as an independent author. If you are unfamiliar with the Silk & Steel Saga, I hope you will give my fantasy a try. The first book, The Steel Queen, is on sale on Amazon for $2.99. The Steel Queen (The Silk & Steel Saga, #1) by Karen Azinger The Flame Priest (The Silk & Steel Saga, #2) by Karen Azinger The Skeleton King (The Silk & Steel Saga, #3) by Karen Azinger The Poison Priestess (The Silk & Steel Saga, #4) by Karen Azinger The Steel Queen

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Sean O'Hara (seanohara) | 2365 comments Okay, Karen, welcome to the group and all, but this section is where Our Gracious Hosts solicit questions for authors they're going to interview on the podcast. There's a separate section for authors to promote themselves, and it exists precisely so we don't have five bajillion self-published authors clogging up the rest of the forum.

You already have a thread over there, which is good, but you also -- and so far as I can tell, this is the entirety of your interaction with this group -- posted this thread and plugged your book in two others. That's rather spammy and is more likely to discourage people from buying your books. If you want us to read your works, make us think you're someone worth reading by wow-ing us with your wit and insights in other threads.

Karen Azinger | 10 comments Hi Sean, Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place. Can you delete my post or should I? Not looking to offend any one. Thanks.

Karen Azinger | 10 comments Hi Sean, I tried to delete this post, but I can't. Will you please delete. Thank you.

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