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Shoujo Manga Book Club is a big group with 400+ members. We have so many activities going on, like the MRs, SWs, Challenges, Tournaments, and a new Anime Challenges coming this Fall. Kristen and I have been overwhelmed trying to handle everything going on in this group, as well as others we moderate, and everything going on in our everyday lives. So, we have decided it would be best to have a third mod to help shoulder some of the burden and make running the group less overwhelming.


When did you join Shoujo Manga Book Club:
How active would you say you are:
Can you be active enough to take on the responsibilities of a moderator (activity is a must!):
Have you modded/are you modding any groups:
Will you be easy to contact via messaging on GR:
Are you at least 17 years old:

All 3 mods will be responsible for the MRs/SWs, however each mod will take on an individual responsibilities. There are the tournaments, challenges, and anime challenges, which means each mod will focus on one of the 3. Who focuses on what will be decided once the new mod is chosen.

There are also smaller responsibilities like engaging in discussions in other parts of the group, encouraging new members to join, and finding new ways to keep members coming back.

If you are interested in becoming a mod, please message me here at Goodreads with your application and why you think you'd be valuable as a mod.

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We're still searching for another mod. If you're interested please message me!

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Jessie Radford (ladysdeath) Jessie Radford
I believe I joined the group about a year ago, looking for anothers to share enjoyable Shoujo Mangas with.
Yes I can be active, I check in on Good reads frequently through out the day.
Currently no I have not Modded a group for this website.
Yes I am very easy to contact on GR, I checking constantly.
I am 25.
I have an absolute love for Shoujo manga, I love finding new series and re-reading my favorites. I have no problems with being sociable, and enjoy finding those who have similar interest. I am not judgemental, and respect others thoughts and opinions. But don't tolerate trolling, or flaming. If I am picked I will carry out my duties, if not then thank you for consideration ^.^

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