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Rose (rosewynter) | 1 comments Help me find this book!!!
I have been looking for a certain book. I don't remember the name of the book or the author so maybe describing it to you may help. When I was a teen just going in the romance genre; I got this paranormal novel at a used bookstore. The story goes: (1800-1900) a woman with a special gift. She cannot touch anyone skin to skin because she has the ability to see people's past when coming in contact..... She comes into contact with a man who has lived for a very long time-I'm 80% sure he is a vampire. The woman goes into a coma because of his lengthy past.... The vampire goes to see this ruler/wise man/counsel man who's name is Hagrid who has three beautiful daughters (who maybe witches) to control his "power." Hagrid assigns his training under the authority of his daughters.... ***WARNING*** not sugar coating this. So the vampire must learn to control his sexual powers by not releasing. YES!! This past is true-I don't forget. Three women taking a man. They(daughters) have sex with him tied to a bench until they are worn out. He hasn't come yet and the one daughter says that if he does, they will know and he will be punished. His come contains power-something like that. Well, one time after a servant brings him refreshment or something leaves a cloth napkin and he came, spilling into the fireplace. The daughters find out about missing napkin, come in and find out he released. They chain him naked to the roof for hours or maybe most of daylight hours and gets severe burns....more training... while this the woman wakes up and thinks about the vampire's past-journey through it if you like.... the eldest daughter, I think, approaches the man and says that she can give him more help. During her ride of him, the vampire loses control and ejaculates. His come drives the daughter insane-she goes batshit crazy. Hagrid isn't angry or glad about it....vampire and woman meet again...trapped or sheltered in a cave and they have sex. She is immune and addicted to his releases...and she accepts him. That's all I remember. I stopped reading the book because it was too much for me but many years later and through many naughty books, I want to find it again. I have looked under paranormal and erotic genres. Please assist from one vamp fan to another!!

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) It kinda reminds me of this one but I'm not certain I'm right:

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